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Along with Sony PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Wii U, Xbox One is one of the top three eighth generation video game consoles. Designed by Microsoft, Xbox One commands presence throughout the world and has its large bunch of fans who want to enjoy the most exciting video games. Xbox One games are as exciting as the ones you get in the other two top consoles and you are bound to be hooked to these games for hours. Because the Xbox One games are so readily available, you should not have any issues finding your favorite games, especially if you shop online! Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Choosing your Xbox One Games


Know the game genre you love

As is with any game console, it is important for you to figure out the genre of game that you love the most to play. Xbox One offers games in every possible genre including action and adventure, arcade, sports, horror and MMORPG. There are simply too many games that you can buy. But the games cost money and you don't want to buy a game that you wouldn't play more than a couple of times and miss out on a game that you would normally play a lot more.


Join an Xbox One forum

Joining an Xbox One forum is an excellent idea because here you get to know about the most popular games across genres. These forums are frequented by Xbox One new gamers and the more experienced gamers. Apart from coming to know about the most popular games, you will also get other important information including cheat codes and how to enhance your gaming experience on the console. Try and contribute as much as you can and you will get loads of vital info in return.


Get to know your Xbox One console

Before you start buying those game titles, it is important you find out about your Xbox one console. There are compatibility questions that you need answered and only after your console is completely set up should you start buying the games. It is also an excellent idea to try out some of the free Xbox One games so that you become habituated using the game controller. Those free Xbox One games are indeed very diverse and could as well help you define your favorite genre!


Check out the Xbox One bundle deals

When you buy your Xbox One console, look out for bundle deals. All the gaming consoles have bundle deals where you can save money on some of the popular games. These bundles are offered as part of the marketing strategy of these companies so that they can get you hooked into and set up on the games. Some of the free games are really excellent and you will have a gala time playing them.


Stay informed about the new Xbox One games

Keep a lookout for the new Xbox One games and the game updates too. New games get released every now and then and your favourite game could be one of them. The good news is that you get regular updates about the games to be released so that you don’t miss out on them. Game updates also keep on happening and you would always want to be aware of them so that you are able to buy the latest version. Joining a forum is, thus, an important activity in this regard.


Which Xbox One games for which use?


If you are a car and action-adventure enthusiast, then nothing beats Grand Theft Auto. These games have captured the imagination of players of all ages and you should not be an aberration. Another racing Xbox One game that should make you drool is Forza Motorsport 5. It is total thrill when you manage to drive your car to the limit, beat your opponents and go up the levels.


Soccer fans love to play Pro Evolution Soccer on Xbox One. And along with this game, FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 are the top Xbox One soccer games. Managing your team, playing the games and winning against some of the toughest opponents in the world should be great fun. You will actually hurry to take out time to play these games because the more you win, the more you stand to gain. And who doesn't love soccer?


There are also the other sports games that you will love to play on the console. NBA and NHL are on top of the pile. The best part about playing these games is that you need to do more than just play the games, you also need to manage teams. This gives you the feel that you are a head coach, a heady feeling indeed.


And of course, there are the action games and MMORPG. Some of the top titles on Xbox One in these genres are Minecraft, Far Cry 4, Halo The Master Chief Collection, Dragon Age Inquisition and Titanfall.


And you should buy one of those fun Xbox One games for the times you just want to have a nice time without too much reflexion on your console! One of the top titles is Lego Marvel Super Heroes.

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