Wool Women's Coats and Jackets

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  • Black Diamond apy3la Deployment Hybrid Hoody - Women's
  • Mammut 1011-01060 Sapuen Softshell Hooded Jacket - Women's
  • Black Diamond apmeu2 First Light Hybrid Hoody - Women's
  • Mackage nori-k Nori-K Wool Coat - Women's
  • Kari Traa Svala Hybrid Midlayer Full-Zip - Women's
  • Dale of Norway Hedvig Jacket - Women's
  • Dale of Norway Cortina Merino Jacket - Women's
  • Icebreaker Merino Oak Jacket - Women's
  • Soia & Kyo Women's Avery-N Wool Jacket
  • Soia & Kyo Women's Viola 3-in-1 Light Wool Jacket
  • SOIA & KYO Eleonore Long Coat - Women's
  • SOIA & KYO Adelaida-SP Wool Coat - Women's
  • SOIA & KYO Eleonore-P Long Coat - Women's
  • SOIA & KYO Charlena Long Coat - Women's
  • SOIA & KYO Lolli Slimfit Wool Coat - Women's
  • The North Face Brown Label Larkspur Wool Down Jacket - Women’s
  • Aether Orion Jacket - Women's
  • Helly Hansen Movatn Wool Ins Vest - Women's
  • Ladies turtleneck wool sweater. (62)
  • Ladies turtleneck wool sweater. (63)
  • Ladies turtleneck wool sweater. (65)
  • Ladies turtleneck wool sweater. (66)
  • Ladies turtleneck wool sweater. (69)
  • Ladies zippered wool cardigan with hood. (72)

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Women’s Coats and Jackets

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The Women’s Coats and Jackets are two of the most important part of the women’s clothing ensemble. From way back, the coats and jackets are mostly worn during winter time or those seasons that are mostly cold. However, in this modern time and era, the way fashion is seen has somewhat progressed. Nowadays, even if the weather is hot or even if it is summer, you will still find people wearing a coat or a jacket just because it is what looks great with their current outfit ensemble.

How Coats and Jackets differ

If you are an impulse buyer and you actually get to buy several jackets and coats without even knowing what difference it makes from each other, you will probably want to know something new. There is actually something known as the 13 types of coats. The different types of coats are peculiarly styled and somewhat fluctuate based on the quality, the design and the fabric used for it.

Types of Coats

The types of coats are one of the most essential things to note before going out to shop for it. It is required to know what you are looking for and what looks best on you.

Pea Coats

The Pea Coat is the one mostly seen worn by navies and sailors it has the outer coat which usually has the design that hits below the hip and is double-breasted. This particular style is somewhat innovated to look a bit more feminine and ladylike. The Pea Coats are famous for the name Jackie O jacket.

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Military Coat

The Military Coat is the one that is styled traditionally, but in a more fashionable way. Typical


ly, the fabric it has is much longer than usual and is somewhat positioned just inches below the knee. Most military jackets are designed to be closed and do not usually expose the inner clothing of a woman. The Military Coats are mostly double breasted and have brass-button details that make it look edgier and non-boring.

Cocoon Coats

The Cocoon Coats are the ones that have the design which looks as if it has been cut inches above the knee and it has sleeves which are not really full-length.


The cocoon coats are one of the most stylish as they have the freedom to play around with the current trends and improvise that in the cores of the coat. Most of the cocoons are starting to play around with the designs as well as the colours it has. Cocoon coats, however, has the tendency to be out of the norm and be too futuristic as it can have weird designs that are mostly not comfortable and just plainly fashionable. So it is not really a great choice if you are the type of buyer that is much more concerned about the function than the form.

Car Coats

The Car Coats are the ones that have been specifically designed to be worn as like a uniform most especially while outdoors driving in an open car competition or joining a fun car racing. The main function of the car coats is to basically give the driver the right amount of warmth as well as the comfort while focusing on their driving. However, car coats are not only great to wear for driving, they can also be a fantastic addition to the wardrobe as they can be paired with anything and still look highly stylish and full of flair. Most car coats, if not all, have the A-line style, the mid-thigh length, as well as the flat front in which the driver can rest assured that they can sit comfortably and drive as fast as they can without being hindered by the coat or jacket they are wearing.

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Toggle Coats

The benefits of considering a toggle coat instead of other types of coats are countless. Toggle coats are very fashionable and they are what make a slightly formal coat into a casual piece ensemble. It is most of the time paired with a hoodie and has a front toggle closure. This kind of coat is usually cut from the wool.

Top Coats

The top coats are considered as one of the simplest and has the perfectionist look. It features quite a couple of buttons at its front and just has side pockets to complete the ensemble. They are really comfortable as they are lightweight and also very ergonomic to wear.


The look it has is not so neat or like prim and proper but they are probably to be loved by those who want something that looks stylish and yet classy. The bracelet-sleeve is said to end somewhere between the mid-forearm and the elbow. Those who are into fashion will also love the intricate design of the bracelet sleeve as it tends to accentuate the collar bones and even make someone look thinner than they actually are. Overall, whatever you choose when it comes to design or the overall look, just be sure that it does not sacrifice the comfort and the functionality. Because above all, still, the most important thing is that it makes you feel secure and satisfied.

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