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There is a lot riding on the way you dress. From your shirt to your pant to your suit to your jacket to your shoes, there is always taking note. There is no saying which garment is more essential for you as far as looks are concerned. And since you have to wear a coat or a jacket on most occasions, it is important that you pay special attention to the stuff that you buy. Read buying guide

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Buying guide

A Coat has long sleeves and is generally used as an outer garment. It is popular during cold seasons and used for formal occasions or business affairs. Jackets are usually lighter and shorter, usually ending just above the thigh. It is used in informal occasions as an outer garment. They're essential everyday clothes but also fashion assets as you may wear them a lot when comes the season. Thus, you have tom be sure that you love their look and their feeling on you, and that they will make perfect matches with your outfits! Here are some info and tips for buying the right coats or jackets:


Buy as per your requirement

Now comes your requirement. Why do you need a coat or a jacket? A coat is mostly required during formal occasions and hence, you have to go absolutely formal. Coats in black, navy and grey are universally popular and you cannot go wrong with them. However, there are other popular colours that you may want to explore – beige, dark green and sky blue and even some of the more unusual colours that you see people wearing these days. As far as jackets are concerned, you can opt for formal as well as informal styles. There are options in the form of overcoats, trimmed coats, outdoor jackets, leather jackets, suede jackets, vests and even raincoats. The list of options is long. The benefit of shopping online is that you can apply a filter in the catalogue and make your choice easily.


Styles of Coats


A Trench Coat is a formal waterproof, knee-length apparel made from strong fabric or leather for protection from the rain and cold. Movies like The Terminator and The Matrix feature the lead characters wearing long leather trench coats.


A Morning Coat is a sporty type of half dress for men. The left and right parts of the coat are joined by one button in the center while they slightly slant behind. This is also known as the Cutaway coat.


A Pea Coat is a classic design that is made of dark blue wool with six to eight metal or wooden buttons. This was used by European sailors and American navies. Nowadays they are sold in various colors. Pea is a kind of blue twill textile.


A Laboratory Coat is used in laboratories, is usually knee-length and made from light fabric with light colors. Most lab coats are long-sleeved, to protect the wearer from chemicals and other compounds, but there are also short-sleeved versions for those who don’t need that kind of coverage.

Styles of Jackets

Jackets are named according to the materials used or their purpose.

                                                                            According to materials used


A Denim Jacket is sometimes a little longer than the normal jacket. It has two breast pockets and buttons. It’s casual and can help protect from cold due to the thickness of the fabric. Colors vary from blue to black. Others prefer the light colors of denim.


A Kilt Jacket is made from wool and can be used in formal or casual events. Prince Charlie and Argyll Jackets are examples of kilt jackets that others use on weddings and evening affairs. It is combined with knee-length pleaded skirt called kilt worn by Scottish men.


A Leather Jacket is typically black or brown made from leather materials and used for cold weather protection or for fashion. This jacket makes the person look strong and daring.


A Flannel Jacket is made from flannel, a soft and light warm cloth; and just like other jackets, it has two chest pockets and has a wide variety of colors and designs.

According to purpose


A Blazer is considered a jacket that is less formal than the suit jacket but more formal than other styles of jackets. It is almost similar to a suit coat except that it is sportier. Originally made of bright-colored materials, blazers are now of sturdy fabrics fastened with metal or plastic buttons. Blazers are presently used as school uniforms or as business attire.


A Dinner Jacket is used as a formal evening wear, known as the Tuxedo in the US.


A Ball Jacket is a casual jacket like the football, basketball or baseball jackets.


A Field Jacket is worn by military men with rolled up hood around the neck that serves as a collar and a head covering in case of emergency. It has four pockets and drawstring around the waist.


A Varsity Jacket is used to display someone’s school or team. It is also known as Letterman Jacket that is still being used for fashion reason.


A Motorcycle Jacket is made of ballistic nylon or tough leather, usually with bright colors for better visibility at night and heavy pads on the shoulder, arm and back to protect the body in case of accidents.


A Parka is a knee-length jacket. It was for military men five centuries ago but has grown popularity since then due to their ability to protect the wearer from freezing temperature. It is heavy because of the hood and big pockets.


Buy the perfect coat or jacket for you

Choose for the occasion

Choosing the right kind of coat and jacket material should also be an important consideration. For instance, if you want that bold and confident look about you, a leather jacket is a perfect garment for you. If you want to add a touch of class to your bold and confident look, you may even opt for a suede jacket. The wool coats and jackets are perfect for formal occasion and match well with a smoking! These coats and jackets are ideal for winters, inside and outside your office. And they project a totally professional look of yours. As far as looking professional is concerned, you may also look at microfiber coats and jackets. And if price is of no concern to you, why not look at silk coats and jackets too?


Consider the special coats and jackets

There are special coats and jackets for special occasions too. For instance, if you plan to go out hiking or trailing or engage in some other adventure sport, it is best to look for those specially designed jackets. These jackets could be made of polyester or nylon or some other material. They also have extra utilities like hoods, extra pockets and even climate control features. Or if you are in a really cold place, purchasing an insulated coat or a jacket is a highly prudent idea. And since these coats and jackets are made of the brightest colours, standing out in a crowd will be easy for you.


Which coats and jackets for which use?


If you are looking for coats and jackets that you can wear to work, it is best to opt for some of the more formal colours. Filson Wool Mackinaw Cruiser Seattle Fit Men's Jacket or NAU Modus Trench Men's Rain Jacket or Executive Wool Carcoat by JoS. A. Bank are some of the coats and jackets worth looking at.


If you are into sports and want a garment that can keep you nice and warm and ready for your event, one of the top sports jackets should do the trick for you. Some of the finest products in this category are The North Face Men's Thunder Jacket or the Strellson Sportswear Squad Wool Lined Coat.


Winter coats are loved by all because they help us beat the harsh cold of this season. If you are looking for some good winter coats and jackets then some of the items worth looking at include the Tinydeal M-3XL Plus Size Winter Superwarm Casual Down Jacket Coats With Fur Hoodie for Men or The North Face Men's Thermoball Full Zip Jacket or the Helly Hansen Svalbard H2 Flow Down Parka for Men.


If you are looking for casual jackets, you can consider a Columbia Omni-Heat Alpine Escape Jacket or a Helly Hansen Arctic Legacy H2 Flow Parka or a McKinley Oxford Insulated Jacket.



Other Tips in Buying Coats and Jackets


Choose the coat or jacket that fits your personality. If you are the outgoing type, styles that are sporty and less formal are the right choice. Most people buy apparels that get stuck in the closet because those are not really their type.


Buy a coat or a jacket with the occasion in mind. Where are you going to use it and for what event? A trench coat and a blazer would fit any formal occasion.


Try on the garment and button it up to see if it fits you. Move around and sit to see if you feel comfortable with it. It shouldn’t be too big or too small. Try to cross your arms or lift them to check if the garment fits your shoulder. Give an allowance for your inner garment.


The sleeve of the coat should almost reach the tip of your thumb, While that of the jacket should be between the wrist and the hand.


Consider the materials in buying any garment. Wool and waterproof cotton are great options.

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