Women's trousers and jeans

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  • Arcteryx Women's Rabat Pant
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When talking about Women’s trousers and jeans, it will always be the question of what fits and what does not. There are women from all over the globe who does not really consider the demure look anymore. In this day and age, most of the women are into the androgynous look and can carry the masculine look well, without sacrificing their femininity.

Trousers and Jeans for what size?

It is utterly and completely important to know what size you are in order to fit with the jeans you have bought. If you are a plus size or an extra plus size, do not even think about buying an extra small. It will just look weird and rather awkward if you force something which is not meant to be. Trousers and jeans can be for various women with contrasting body types and length like the petite, tall, short, maternity, and things like that.

Types of Trousers and Jeans

There are various types of women jeans that are sold worldwide but the stand-outs and the most famous ones are the wide leg pants, bell bottoms, leggings, cuffed denim jeans, skinny jeans, pajama pants, sweat pants, jeggings, sailor pants, and so many more. But in here, we are going to tackle the basics and the most common types.

Pajama Pants

Pajama pants are one of the most famous and utterly basic types of trousers for women. That is basically because pajamas are worn on sleepovers and just anytime you are at home. It is very comfortable as it is soft and is loose which makes it non-sticky on the legs. Pajama pants do not really require the width and length measurements as long as they fit the waist then they are perfect. The design is not really an issue as well as you can just buy anything that looks cute on you. Plus, it is not like you are going to use it outside or anything, but if yes, then go for something plain to maintain the put together look.

4074-Womens_Trousers_and_Jeans > Legging

Skinny Jeans

 Whenever the word “Skinny Jeans” are mentioned, most people can’t help but think of fierceness and appeal. Why? Because a lot of models and even celebrities are seem wearing nothing but skinny jeans nowadays. It has been in the main stream and has been raving the limelight for quite a while now. Skinny Jeans can make someone chubby look way thinner. In a weird way, even if it is absolutely fit, it can make someone who is not absolutely skinny, somehow look thin.


Skinny Jeans act as the one which accentuates the legs as it even makes someone who is clueless about fashion look somewhat fashionable. The only bad thing about wearing skinny jeans is that it can be hard to walk with and at times makes you feel hot and stiff.

Cuffed Denim Jeans

When talking about casual wear, the cuffed denim jeans are one of the best-sellers. They are not too fit neither too loose. However, when wearing it, it is important to match it with something rather girly as it can be too boyish in the eyes. Cuffed denim jeans are folded on the ends of the pants allows for the beauty of the shoes to show. If you have long legs and is actually tall, it will be absolutely perfect for you to wear cuffed denim jeans.


That is basically because if short women wear this trouser type, it has the tendency to make them look

 shorter. That is not unless the folded part is much farther from the ankle, then it has the possibility to make the short person look taller.

4074-Womens_Trousers_and_Jeans > Wide-Leg

Wide-Leg Pants

The wide-leg pants may somehow be known as the one which has been specifically tailored to fit those which are not blessed with long legs. The concept of the wide-leg pants is to basically hide the legs and create an illusion that someone is actually taller than they actually are. It can be worn with a nice pair of high heels and make them stand higher without being noticed how high their shoes at the moment actually are.

Bell Bottoms

The bell bottoms are the type of trousers that has the bell-shape look which is noticeable from the knees downward. Most bell bottoms are out and about already if not actually dead and gone. Even if it is still present in the fashion society, it is seldom seen anymore. Like the wide-leg pants, bell bottoms appear to have the same quality as the latter. For those who are still not over the 80’s and is still rooting for the vintage fashion, then the bell bottoms will give you just that.


It is true there will be a limitless number of choices when it comes to jeans and trousers, however, finding the perfect fit will accentuate the body. In order to find the right jeans, you should probably get more inspiration and do not stop trying different jeans.

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