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Skirts have been traditional pieces of fashion for women for quite some time now. Over the years, they have transformed into a number of unique style skirt types, following women's tendencies and achievements over the years. Nowadays, there are models ranging from the most discrete, traditional and religious models to the modern mini-skirts, leather skirts and many other varieties. Read through our buying guide and check our offers to find the perfect skirt for you!

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  • High Waisted Cutoffs Mini Denim Skirt M Light Blue
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  • Ruffle Hem Belted Checked Skirt M Checked
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  • Split Lace Panel High Waisted Short Skirt M Black
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  • Plus Size Floral Lace Tight Skirt (252220501)
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  • Plus Size Floral Lace Tight Skirt (252220503)
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  • Plus Size High Waist Mini Skirt with Rivet (252640804)
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  • High Waisted Lace Insert Long Skirt (258603304)
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  • Metal Decorated Plus Size Slit Bodycon Skirt (258662903)
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  • Metal Decorated Plus Size Slit Bodycon Skirt (258662906)
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  • Metal Decorated Plus Size Slit Bodycon Skirt (258662902)
    $31.80 $54.83 42% off
  • Metal Decorated Plus Size Slit Bodycon Skirt (258662904)
    $31.80 $54.83 42% off
  • Plus Size High Waist Floral Print Skirt (258662806)
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  • Plus Size High Waist Floral Print Skirt (258662804)
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  • Plus Size Sheer Lace Skirt with Shorts (259995506)
    $29.07 $44.71 35% off
  • High Waist Tulip Front Skirt (260293203)
    $25.13 $44.88 44% off
  • Mesh Crochet See Thru Skirt (260796502)
    $32.78 $78.89 58% off
  • Long Bohemian Skirt with Slit (262358303)
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  • Stylish Scoop Neck Sleeveless Tank Top + High-Waisted Striped Skirt Women's Twinset (131279102)
    $9.32 $35.57 74% off
  • Lace Extender Sheer Plus Size Mini Skirt (223011303)
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  • Floral Lace Tassel Plus Size Extender Sheer Skirt (223010103)
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  • Plus Size Planet and Galaxy Print Skirt (245551003)
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  • Mini Plus Size Zippered Skirt (211423404)
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  • Lace Extender Sheer Plus Size Mini Skirt (223011305)
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  • Cami Top and High Waisted Printed Skirt (118981702)
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Women’s Skirt

One of the essentialities of a woman’s wardrobe is skirt. It isn’t just an elegant piece of clothing, but quite functional product that can enhance beauty of a woman and make her feel comfortable at the same time. Over the years, skirts have evolved from a basic sarong style to pleated designs and several fashionable styles, enabling women to wear them on day to day, formal, casual and special occasions. This is a buying guide that will help one know different styles of women’s skirts and what kind of designs should be chosen over others.


Below, you will find pointers to figure out which skirts better suit your style and body type. From then on, you just have to use your own sense of fashion and compare prices to make the perfect choices!

Choosing on the basis of style and occasion

There are several types of designs and skirts’ styles that a woman can wear. Some of the common ones include:

Skirt Types

A-Line Skirt

Perhaps one of the most common styles of skirt, A-Line Skirt is known for its chic A style design wherein the skirt is small at waist and widens in an even manner when it reaches towards the ground. It could be calf, knee or ankle length. The style suits everyone and can be worn for semi-casual and semi dressy events.

Bubble Skirts

Ideal for casual and dressy events, these skirts showcase bubble like shape, with elastic waistline and then baggy skirt style. They have a chic design and satin or designer ones can be chosen for elaborate events.

Circular Skirts

With a perfect circle laid on the ground, these ones have a style in which they drape the body in waves. Casual style circular skirts are quite feminine while dressy one have elaborate detailing.

Fishtail Skirt

Narrow at knees and fuller around the hips, fishtail skirts are quite fashionable and elegant option for formal, dressy or semi dressy event. Depending up their style and design, these mermaid skirts make a woman appear more feminine.

Pencil Skirts

These knee length fitted skirts look best with shirts and hug legs closely. Although, they aren’t suitable for casual wear, they look absolutely professional for formal wear.

Mini Skirts

Casual or semi dressy, these skirts barely reach knees and generally have playful style. They aren’t suitable for formal events but can be worn to college or casual outings.

Sarong Skirts

These are wrap-around skirts that look beautiful with small t-shirts and slip style tops. Usually worn during outings on the beach, Sarong Skirts also look beautiful for casual wear and semi dressy functions. Wear knee length for casual and full length for vacationing.

Flared Skirts

These kinds of skirts are like ‘A’ line but they flair on the bottom. Dressy and formal styles are available in flared skirts. Use prints and pleats to create a difference.

Choosing on the basis of figure

Short Figure and Petite Women

A line skirts and tapered slim skirts are the best option for short figure. These kinds of skirts shouldn’t be very short or long as they would make one appear shorter. Use button fronts and wraparound Sarong Styles till knee length to appear gorgeous. Off slit at the backside can give an illusion of longer legs.

Thick Waist and Larger Stomach

Thick waist women should opt for skirts that focus on their legs. Full skirts, short skirts should be purchased. Skirts with bubble style or embellishments on waist must be avoided. A-line draping skirts with waist bands and darker colors or flat texture work better.

Curvy and Bottom Heavy figures

Curvy women must opt for subtle tapering. A lines, wraparounds, flat front, back zippers should be opted. Soft, fluid fabrics and off center slits can be chosen. Don’t wear too tight skirts. Bottom Heavy figures can try tapered knee length and A line or Lycra fabric and hem detailing.


Now, armed with this knowledge, Shopbot’s price comparison tools, and your own unique sense of style, you can make the most stylish acquisitions for your wardrobe. Happy shopping!

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