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At the Nintendo Wii's launch, everyone was really excited for one reason and one reason only: Nintendo's venturesome Wii Controllers. With several different models released, these were the first generation of strongly motion-capture based video game controllers from a major company of the gaming industry. Met with a strong and growing success, Wii Motes & company have brought a more fun approach to gameplay than ever before. With the help of Shopbot's guide, you will make sure that you have inside-out knowledge of every different model released so far for Nintendo Wii and the newer Wii U, ensuring a more informed purchase.

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  • Nintendo Wii Nunchuck
  • Nintendo Wii Classic Controller
  • Nintendo Wii Motion Plus
  • Nintendo Wii Remote Plus
  • Old Skool GameCube / Wii Compatible Controller - white
  • Wii Nunchuck Controller 2 Pack LUXMO PREMIUM Nunchuck Joystick Gamepad Controller for Wii,Wii U Console (Black)
  • Xtenzi Remote Control Wireless Controller For Nintendo Wii NIB, Pink
  • GameCube / Wii Compatible Controller [White]
  • Afterglow Pro Controller for Wii U-Blue
    $31.17 $34.99 11% off
  • HORI HORI Battle Pad Turbo for Wii U (Mario Version)
  • Beastron Classic Controller Pro Console Gampad/Joypad Wire Controller Compatible with Nintendo Wii Wiiu, White (1 Pack) (10011)
  • Wii Fit Balance Board Push Up Bar - Standard Edition
  • Nintendo Fit Meter - Wii U
  • Wii Samba Maracas
  • Dance Pad - Wii
  • Samba Maracas - Wii
  • Wii Remote and Wii MotionPlus Bundle - Black - Bundle Edition
  • Wii Fit Balance Board Clear Silicone Sleeve - Standard Edition
  • Wii Wireless Controller
  • Wii Wired Controller - Black - Wired Edition
  • HORI Mario Kart 8 Racing Wheel Set (Mario & Luigi) - Nintendo Wii U

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Wii MoteThe innovative Wii Controllers

For all those who love playing video games, the future of gaming arrived in 2006 with the Wii – a home video gaming console was launched by a popular company called Nintendo. Since then, the world of gaming has been taken by a storm as the seventh generation of Nintendo Wii targets more players and broader demographics than Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3.


Nintendo Wii has come up with several versions that have given it an edge over other gaming consoles and products. The current model can be used with wireless Wii Controllers that detect players’ movement in three dimensions. If you are planning or have already purchased your Nintendo Wii and wonder what kind of controllers you should invest in, then this is the guide for you.


The different types of Wii Controllers and their particular features


Below are mentioned the major types of Nintendo controllers that a gamer can choose from. The special perks of these controllers are mentioned below.

Wii Remote

Also known as the “Wii-Mote”, this model is the prime Wii controller. It is compatible with Nintendo Wii generations as well as its successor console Wii U. The product features motion sensing capability and allows for better user interface, especially in sports games. With it, you can control your character’s swing in tennis, golf, baseball, bowling and similar sports by simulating the desired motion while handling the controller. The console will take in account the extension and speed of your movement to provide the game with information so that the most adequate result can be generated. Users can also manipulate screen items through pointing and gesture recognition, which is done via the use of optical sensor and accelerometer technology. The “Wii-Mote” is a very popular choice among casual gamers for its playfulness. This product uses game pad controller functions and it also comes with attachments such as the Classic Controller, Wii Wheel and Wii Zapper.

Classic Controller

Also compatible with both Nintendo Wii and Wii U, this controller is the prime choice for more traditional gamers. Its shape is based on the classic and loved Super Nintendo controller. It features the traditional analog-and-buttons design, and is intended to be played with both hands. Here, motion capture doesn’t play a role and the inputs are made by pressing the different buttons and moving the D-Pad or Analogs. Initially known as the Revolution Controller, this product was revealed in September 2005 and works well for multiplatform games that don’t offer full support to the Wii motion capture system.

Wii U Game Pad

This Wii U Game Pad is the primary controller for Nintendo Wii successor, the Wii U. It features 6.2 inch resistive touchscreen that displays specific images depending on the game you’re playing and allows some actions to be taken by touching, dragging and shaping movements of the finger. The product also comes with a front facing camera along with a microphone that’s inbuilt with NFC support and stereo speakers. With one full charge, its battery can last for 3 to 5 hours. Weighing just a little over a pound, this product offers a new, interesting way of controlling console games and should be especially attractive for those who are used to playing games on smartphones and tablets.

Wii NunchukWii U Pro Controller

A successor of Classic Controller, this Wii U Pro Controller is like a traditional controller that features sticks, buttons, and the “triggers” that were featured in Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 gamepads. This model is a solution offered by Nintendo to players who would like to play Wii games in a more serious and high-performance fashion. Due to the similarities in design, this controller is more appealing to users who also have (or used to have) the Sony and Microsoft consoles. It is important to notice, however, that there are some compatibility issues with this device and older Wii games.

Game Cube Controller

For those who want a controller that is compatible with all previous and older games of Wii, they can opt for Game Cube Controller, which is compatible with both Nintendo’s 6th and 7th generation consoles. With its particular button layout, this model was very popular in the heyday of Game Cube and remains the favorite controller for many gamers. With a very simple adapter, you will also be able to use this device to play Wii U games – except, of course, those that require motion sensor and touchscreen features.

Nun Chuk

The best thing about Nun Chuk Nintendo controller is that is can be fitted on a single hand and comes with a joystick as well as two buttons. Nun Chuk can work with any game that requires motion sensor in each hand and is a perfect complement for the Wii-Mote. After choosing the Wii Controller that better suits your gaming needs, be sure to compare prices and be on the look for the best offer using Shopbot’s online tools. Happy gaming!

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