When you buy a new vehicle, it obviously comes loaded with four tires and a spare one. But it is the wheels of your vehicle that hold the tires in place. Before long, you realize that it is now time for you to buy new wheels for your car because worn out wheels are dangerous. Now is a big decision time for you - do you go to the car dealer for buying new wheels or do you go to a dealer of wheels to make your purchase? Whatever decision you make in this regard, it is important to keep in mind that you need to buy just the right wheels for your vehicle. Read buying guide

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  • O.Z. Ultraleggera HLT Matte Graphite Silver Wheels
  • Hurst Dazzler 20x8.5 Machined w/Black Accent Wheels
  • Enkei Racing RPF1 Black Painted Wheels
  • O.Z. Superturismo LM Matte Graphite Silver Wheels
  • American Racing Authentic Hot Rod VN105 Torq-Thrust D Anthracite w/Mach Lip Wheels
  • ANDROS Spec P Black Painted Wheels
  • ANDROS Spec M Light Grey Painted Wheels
  • ASA GT8 Hyper Silver Wheels
  • Enkei Classic Enkei92 Gold w/Machined Lip Wheels
  • Advanti DST Storm S1 Black Painted Wheels
  • O.Z. Ultraleggera HLT CentLock Matte Graphite Silver Wheels
  • O.Z. Ultraleggera Matte Graphite Silver Wheels
  • MOTO METAL MO951 Black w/Mach Lip Wheels
  • O.Z. Superturismo Dakar Bright Silver Paint Wheels
  • Starke Design SC18 Silver w/Machined Lip Wheels
  • Monte TITANO MT9 Cibriano Matte Titanium Wheels
  • MSW Type 14 Silver Painted Wheels
  • O.Z. Ultraleggera Bright Silver Paint Wheels
  • Enkei Performance VR5 Hyper Black Wheels
  • Enkei Racing RPF1 Gold Painted Wheels
  • Kosei K1 Racing Silver Painted Wheels

Buying guide


Choosing your Wheels

6406-arv_torq_thrust_m_blkML_wheelKnow about the types of wheels

You must know that wheels and rims are not one and the same – the wheels are metal circles for mounting the tires and the rims are the outer parts of the wheels where the tires are connected to the wheels. The spokes connect the rims to the wheels. This clearly tells you that your wheels and rims need to be sturdy and thus, the first point for you to consider is the material. Here are the options that you have.


Alloy wheels – alloy wheels not only enhance the look of your vehicle, but that can also conduct heat effectively and offer better performance. These wheels are made of an alloy of aluminium and magnesium and are extremely lightweight. Alloy wheels are the most popular among wheels.


Aluminium wheels – aluminium wheels are highly versatile and lightweight. These wheels also offer a lot of uniformity to your vehicle tires. These wheels are also highly popular.


Chrome wheels – if you drive in areas where it snows or rains often, you should opt for anti-rust chrome wheels. While these are more expensive than the other wheels, they are also the best to look at.


Mag wheels – mag wheels are made of magnesium and they are heavy. These wheels are highly resistant to corrosion.


Teflon wheels – Teflon wheels have an extra coat of Teflon so that you can drive properly in off-road or harsh conditions.


6406-bbs_sr_anth_wheelThe right sized wheels are required

You would obviously know that getting wheels of the right size is absolutely important for you because your vehicle will not be able to handle other wheels. If you need to have custom wheels designed for your vehicle so be it, but you should get the size right. To ensure that you take the correct measurement for your vehicle wheels, focus on these points – diameter, width, backspace, bolt pattern and offset.


However, you will not need to do much measurement provided you are able to read the size of the wheels (the size is preceded by the letter “R”) that are printed on the wheels. For instance, if you see the size printed as 225/80R18, you know that the size of the wheel is 18. You can then proceed to make the purchase.


Choose wheels depending upon the driving conditions

While it has been mentioned above where the wheels types have been explained, it is important to reiterate that you should buy wheels depending upon your driving conditions. Modern technology allows all wheel types to be used in all driving conditions, but there are specific wheels for specific driving conditions. For instance, if you drive where the roads are not in the best condition, opting for Teflon wheels is a good idea.



Read the reviews of wheels

There are several companies that manufacture wheels and you should read their reviews before making your purchase. Certain wheels are highly recommended for certain vehicles, something you should also consider. There are websites that not only sell wheels but also offer all the required information on wheels Canada and rims Canada. Ensure that you send ample amount of time on these websites.


6406-enkeitun_raijin_hs_wheelWhich wheels for which use?

The most popular wheels sold in some of the Canadian online stores include Enkei Tuning Raijin Hyper Silver Wheels, BBS LM Gold w/Machined Lip Wheels, American Racing Authentic Hot Rod AR105 Torq-Thrust M Black w/Mach Lip Wheels, Helo HE878 Black Painted Wheels and KMC XD Series XD798 Addict Machined w/Black Accent Wheels.


Alloy wheels may be more expensive than standard wheels, but they come with their own benefits. Some of the top selling alloy wheels in Canada include Audi RS4 Hyper Silver Replica Alloy Rim Wheel 20 inch Offset 45, Granite Alloy GA9 Flat Black w/Mach Lip Wheels, Granite Alloy GV4 Black Painted Wheels, HPD Msport Hurricane Alloy Wheels 15 inch 15x6.5 5x100 5x114.3 Set of 4 and HPD Msport Hurricane Alloy Wheels 15 inch 15x6.5 5x112 5x114.3 Set of 4.


Chrome wheels are certainly the most attractive wheels and some of the products worth looking at include American Racing Authentic Hot Rod AR604 Torq-Thrust ST Chrome Plated Wheels, American Racing Authentic Hot Rod AR605 Torq-Thrust M Chrome Plated Wheels, KMC XD Series XD775 Rockstar Chrome Plated Wheels, Sport Muscle Nitro 6 Chrome Plated Wheels and ASA Type 8 Chrome Plated Wheels.

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