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Welcome to Shopbot's category that encompasses Wall Mounts of different types. With space optimization becoming more and more popular in households each day, these products are some of the most simple yet also most efficient solutions in that regard. However, one must be specially keen when choosing between models, as televisions are very expensive electronics and, consequently, wall mount failure can be exceptionally costly. By reading our buying guide on the subject and comparing prices with Shopbot's tools, you ensure that you are making the best possible purchase regarding cost-benefit. Shop wisely! Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Wall MountWall Mount

Over the last few decades, home spaces have reduced all over the world. This has resulted in space crunch, forcing families to part away from their favorite electrical appliances and products. But not anymore! With the advent of wall mounted products, a family can have their special appliances mounted to the wall. This not just ensures that the product is safely attached to the wall, but also provides more space for the family to keep their items. For instance, mounting a flat television on the wall ensures that home owners don’t require a special space crunching cabinet to keep it. Therefore, the space can be used for other practical interior décor purposes. Currently, a wide range of products are wall mounted to provide better space utilization for homes. Some of the common wall mount products include television sets, audio systems, racks and wall mount fans. This buying guide provides brief information on what should be considered while buying products for wall mount.

Know the right size

In the last few years, television sets have become a pivotal part of our lives. Most families have at least two television sets. But a TV can take up a lot of space. Hence, wall mount television sets can ease the space problem. But before buying a television set, make sure that you know the mount size that is right for a television you seek to buy. Most wall mounts are created in specific sizes to ensure that they complement a television screen. It is recommended that while purchasing a mount, one must choose UL Rated mounts as they can hold four times of ideal weight. These mounts will surely hold items such as a flat panel television set more safely than others. It must be noted that though most of the wall mounts are made in certain standard sizes, not all size works for televisions and audio systems. Therefore, check the durability and compatibility of the wall mount that you desire to buy to verify whether that can be used for the television. The same goes for rack cabinets and audio systems. Checking with the manufacturer or the online portal that is selling the wall mount will ensure that the product purchased is compatible with the appliances that you seek to mount to the wall.

Choose between different types of mounts

Mounts are known for coming in a wide range of styles, designs and varieties. Therefore, depending upon the product that one seeks to use, one of these wall mounts can be chosen

Flat and Fixed Mounts

These types of wall mounts are known for having a flat base, which works best for those who need to wall mount a television set. It will keep the product snug to the wall and provide cleaner look from the side. Therefore, no wires can be seen. It keeps appliances fixed close to the wall.

Flat and Titlt

Alike their flat and fixed counterparts, these types of wall mount are also known for being flat and keep the product close to the wall. But unlike fixed wall mounts, these mounts provide user the opportunity to tilt the appliance to an angle of 15 degrees. These kinds of mounts can be used if a family wishes to keep an appliance over the fireplace. For instance, using this wall mount over fireplace ensures that users can tilt the mount to reduce glare, which makes it easier to watch television.

Swing Arms

Wall Mount 2In comparison to flat wall mounts, these mounts are designed in such a way that they keep products a little far from the wall. The increased distance allows user to swivel or pan their product from one side or the other. This is particularly beneficial for larger homes or families with more television viewers or audio listeners. Plus, it ensures that the wall doesn’t get any stains and the paint doesn’t crack.


Alike the swing arms wall mounts, these types of wall mounts also protrude off the wall. They can move up to 180 degrees and work well for keeping televisions, audio players as well as racks or other products. These kinds of wall mounts also work well in case the user needs to hide the product inside when not in use.

Know the warranty

Manufacturers of wall mounts are known for using products and materials of different kinds. Therefore, wall mounts are available in steel, plastic, aluminum and other building materials. Therefore, choose the build of wall mounts on the basis of products that you seek to keep on it. Similarly, know the warranty that is provided for the wall mounts. Generally, manufacturers provide free replacement and repairs for wall mounts. But since most of the mounts are used for holding heavy appliances such as audio systems and television sets, it is recommended that the UL Rating or build material is taken into consideration.

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