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  • Eyeglasses Kate Spade Jolisa 0FZL Havana Turquoise (pr_KS_Jolisa_0FZL_53)
  • Etnia Barcelona Veracruz TQ Turquoise Plastic Rectangle Eyeglasses 53mm
  • Zenni Womens Cat-Eye Prescription Glasses Green Frame TR 2013424
  • Zenni Womens Rectangle Prescription Glasses Blue Tortoiseshell Frame Plastic 4417424
  • Zenni Womens Cat-Eye Prescription Glasses Blue Frame TR 2013416
  • Zenni Womens Cat-Eye Prescription Glasses Gray Frame TR 2013412
  • Miraflex Baby Zero2 Infant Eye Glass Frames | 34/15 Dark Turquoise | Age:8-24 Mo. (680569701312)
  • Kate Spade Blakely 0JLM Tortoise Turquoise Eyeglasses (716737109113)
  • Derek Cardigan Derek Cardigan Oscillation Turquoise Eyeglasses and Frames (71689)
  • Flexon FLEXON KIDS ARIES Eyeglasses 320 Turquoise
  • Flexon FLEXON KIDS ARIES Eyeglasses 320 Turquoise
  • Lilly Pulitzer CAMBELL Eyeglasses Grape Turquoise
  • Lilly Pulitzer MINTA Eyeglasses Crystal Turquoise
  • Kate Spade KS Camberly Eyeglasses 0FZL Havana Turquoise
  • Kate Spade KS Karlee Eyeglasses 0FZL Havana Turquoise
  • Lanvin VLN710 Eyeglasses Gradien Turquoise Pearl 0Va4
  • Carrera CA Carrerino64 Eyeglasses 0D4H Turquoise White
  • Carrera CA 6648 Eyeglasses 0QKA Gray Turquoise
  • Carrera CA 6649 Eyeglasses 0SQZ Teal Turquoise
  • Liz Claiborne LC 437 Eyeglasses 0DB5 Black Turquoise
  • Kate Spade KS Jorja Eyeglasses 0FZL Havana Turquoise

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Since the invention of eyeglasses in the thirteenth century, they have undoubtedly helped the ailing visions of humanity. Through the years, different kinds of spectacles for different purposes have been developed. Although many vision disorders are preventable and curable through surgery, eyeglasses are still in demand in the market.

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Types of Eyeglasses According to Use

For Reading


Reading glasses are used by people who find reading hard because of foggy eyesight and failure to focus on near objects. Reading glasses are custom-made or ready-made. However, ready-made ones are exceptionally popular because of inexpensiveness and availability. They can be bought in drugstores and department stores. They come in different colors and styles. Ready-made reading glasses are advisable for those who have same prescription for both eyes.

For Correction


Vision disorders like nearsightedness or Myopia, farsightedness or Hyperopia, Astigmatism, and Presbyopia which is normal among adults over forty years old can be corrected by concave, convex, cylindrical, and bifocal lenses, respectively. These are called prescription eyeglasses.

For Safety


Safety eyeglasses are normally one millimeter thick as the minimum standard. These are glasses used by doctors, factory workers, welders, and construction workers. 

For Protection

Darkened sunglasses are used against intense and ultraviolet light. At night yellow tinted lenses can be used for better visibility. For outdoor activities during the day, brown lenses are better. UV protective lenses can have different colors. Others wear mirrored shades just to add style. These are also known as”cop shades” due to its popularity among police officers. These eyeglasses are like one way mirrors. Blind people, on the other hand, wear black eyeglasses to hide their eyes.

For Entertainment

Three dimensional glasses or 3D glasses create an illusion by giving each eye dissimilar images.


These are virtual reality glasses, shutter or polarized 3D system or video glasses used in 3D movies or videos.

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Rimless eyeglasses do not have frames. The lenses are just attached to the bridge or temple arms by some screws. It is more durable than other designs and a lot lighter. Steve Jobs, Apple co- founder used this style from 1998 to his death in 2011.


Pince-nez eyeglasses do not have earpieces. It became the favorite of the aged a century ago. The French word pincer means to pinch and nez means nose. It has a bridge piece that actually pinches the bridge of the nose supported by two small levers on the lower part of the bridge. Theodore Roosevelt used this style of spectacles but later switched to rimless glasses to soften his image.


Horn-rimmed glasses are made of plastic, wider lenses, weighty frames and have a shape that gives the user a tough appearance. Those who use this style are called Nerds. Horn-rimmed eyeglasses are also widely used by the punks, gothic and emo.


Browline glasses have the shape of the eyebrow and are usually made of combined metal frame and plastic lenses.


Bug-eye glasses are wide, round in shape with thick frame. Most sunglasses have this style and is still considered chic these days. Paris Hilton loves using this style.


Cat eye glasses have the shape of a cat’s eye and with flared edges. Marilyn Monroe loved this style.


GI glasses are known as prescription glasses. They have thick rectangular frames with curved edges. These are also used by military men who need prescription eye wear. They are not really in-style but undeniably important.

Different Eyeglasses for Different Face Shapes


In choosing the best eyeglass frames for your face shape there are things to consider. First is the size of your face, then, the shape of your face and third, the color of your eyes, skin or hair. Your frame should be proportionate to your face, contrasting your face shape and enhancing the color of your skin, eyes or hair.


A Round Face that has fuller chin and cheeks will look better with the use of rectangular eyeglasses to help the face appear longer and slender.


A Heart Face has bigger forehead and cheeks but narrower chin. This needs a small but round frame or a bigger frame that can add size to the chin.


An Oblong Face has longer nose and forehead. Narrow frames or broad glasses can make the face look shorter.

An Oval Face is said to be balanced in proportion. Edgy frames will match the curves of an oval face.


A Square Face has a muscular jaw line and square chin. Frames that are oval or round will soften the edges of a square face.


A Diamond Face has narrow forehead and chin. Rimless styles, round and oval frames will go well with a diamond face.


A Triangle Face has a narrow forehead and a wider cheek and chin. Rimless style and narrow frames will lessen the wide look of the cheeks and chin.


Now go and shop for the best eyewear and wear it with your sweetest smile!


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