In our Tuning section, you’ll find different products to give your computer a new look and also improve some of its functions! There are different cases and drive hardware for those who are always removing and installing new components. If you need to take your hard drive with you, there are a number of cases to protect and enable them to be used like a portable one, and they share the same brands of the best HDs like Seagate, Corsair and IBM, that will make sure you’ll find ... View more a compatible alternative for your HD. To keep your components from overheating, one of many options is the use of rounded cables; since they’re smaller they don’t take as much room as the other cables, meaning there will be more space for the heat to dissipate inside your desktop. There are ways to make your computer silent too, some fans make a lot of noise when they need to work a little harder and it gets annoying with time, and here you’ll find different options to keep it quiet. Another great way to customize your pc is with lighting, there are a number of lamps either to give it a modern look or to repair a broken one from your monitor, for example. Don’t forget to read the reviews and take a look at the buying guides before making your choice! ... View less