For adventurers and explorers, trekking, hiking and camping are the best ways to know more about the bounties of nature. Stunning trails, beautiful terrains and endless opportunities to explore a place is what makes trekking one of the best activities. But unlike a regular trip, a trekking trip requires a special set of equipment and gears that can makes treks more enthralling and convenient at the same time. Here is a list of some of the trekking equipment that trekkers must consider buying for a healthy and interesting trek trip. Read buying guide

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Buying guide

Trekking clothing is available in ShopbotTrekking specific clothing


Most of the treks take place in colder regions of the world. And even if one is trekking during the warmer seasons, it is recommended that they should have a windbreaker jacket with them. While buying jacket, ensure that the product is light weight and comes with elastic hood. Water resistant and durable jackets must be preferred over others. Hard shell breathable jackets can also be chosen. Make sure that the jacket has a hood so that the head can be covered during windy mornings or rainy nights.


Shoes can make or break a trekking trip. Buy uncomfortable shoes and you will be feeling frustrated throughout the trek. Therefore, make sure that the footwear purchased is comfortable and convenient for longer trails. Extra-large heaping on footwear ensures sturdiness and stability. Shoes that are light weight but have firmer sole will provide better grip on mountainous areas. Soles that provide foam cushioning are more comfortable as they don’t let the rough terrain affect one’s angle or lower part of the foot. Plus, they offer more protection against stones and pointed rocks. Special suede footwear are available for trekkers. Boots can also be chosen for trekking, especially if one needs larger shoes for protection. But make sure that they are secure for rugged terrain and not heavy on the feet. Check details of footwear online to know whether or not they are durable.


Trekking equipment

Sleeping bag

Trekking trips require a sleeping bag as trekkers don’t live in hotels. Therefore, a sleeping bag serves as a crucial addition to one’s trek trip. The best way to get sleeping bags is to opt for ones that have zippers to guard the draft, a hood that’s insulated to ensure that the head doesn’t catch the wind and elastic to make it fit onto one’s body. Full length zippers offer ease of usage. Sizes up to 6 to 6.5 feet shall be preferred depending upon one’s requirements. For trekkers who toss and turn, sleeping bags with coiled fibers and elastic stitches are the best. Those who love reading or keeping food items close to them can opt for double zipper which gives them a front opening for keeping books or biscuits.


What if your group accidently loses information about the route? How will the group reach its destination? To make sure that the route information isn’t lost, it is necessary that trekkers carry GPS systems. Color handheld GPS are easy to use. Choose the ones that come with Satellite communicator if the trek is on a lesser explored region. GPS with topographical maps also enable one to decide the kind of equipment they would need. Currently, there are several GPS available in the market that also offers imaging technology with five megapixel cameras. Choose GPS systems that offer better readability in bright light and encase them in a cover that’s water resistant.

Cooking Gear

Treks that are held for more than a day or two require appropriate cooking gear. Therefore, two-burner flamethrower must be taken for a trekking trip. Choose something that has grilling features to cooking faster. Pressure cookers and mini all-in-one cooking systems are also available – take into consideration what you are actually planning to cook during most of the journeys.

Trekking BackpacksTrekking tents

Backpacks are a vital part of trekking. They must be comfortable to use and extremely lightweight to ensure that they can easily to be used for trekking purposes. Choose backpacks that are light, have a number of zippers or sections for keeping items and come with belts and hooks so that they can hang close to one’s torso. Currently, there are some companies that provide special backpacks with items such as a gas stove, a bowl and even vessels for cooking. Minimalistic backpacks that come with features such as special space for sleeping bags shall be preferred because they provide ease of carrying items.

Camps / Tents

For all those trekking with their families, having a tent is crucial. For camping as well as trekking, modular tents must be preferred that can add at least 2-6 persons. These tents should be easy to use and must be set up within 10 minutes. Read the specs of tents online to know how long it takes on an average to set up a tent. Mesh insert is add-on that can make a tent guard one against bugs, which is very useful in most trekking journeys.


Remember: there is a wide variety of options offered in the market when looking for trekking equipment. Before drawing out your wallet it is wise to stop for a moment and really think how much and how often you are going to need these items, especially the more expensive ones. Afterwards, the next step would be to compare prices and read user & expert reviews to make sure that you are getting the best possible value for your money out there – which you can easily do using Shopbot’s dedicated tools. Save you energy for the actual trekking and make all the research at home! Buy safe & smart. Happy shopping!

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