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  • Stanley FatMax 23" Structural Toolbox 023001W
  • Tactical Fast Mag, Magazine Pouch Bag Holder Attachment Box Pouches (Color : Army GREEN-8PCS) (BWBDBXA-AMA-TJA00955-02*4)
  • Makita 821010-X
  • StanleyHandTools FatMax Tool Box 023001W (023001W)
    $102.99 $109.99 6% off
  • Koolatron Tool Chest Fridge
  • Craftsman Craftsman Rolling Tool Chest Kit - 5 Drawers CMST22653BK
  • Craftsman Craftsman Portable Storage Tower - 3 Boxes - Red and Black CMST60403
  • Extreme Tools 55" 10 Drawer Professional Top Chest, Black (EX5510CHBK)
  • Kuny's Leather 5024 Cordless Drill Hook (5024)
  • Klein Tools Tool Belt Poly-Web Fully-Adjustable 2-1/4" x (5225)
  • Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Electrician's Backpack Organizer (55421Bp-14)
  • Kuny's Leather Plier Pouch (PL-18), 3 Pack
  • Klein Tools Electricians Tool Pouchcomb Set Black Cordura N, Medium (5710M)
  • Klein Tools Tool Pouch Combination Set Black Cordura Nylon, Large (5709L)
  • Jobox Jobsite Box 48 x 27 1/2 x 24 (637990)
  • Kuny's Leather Large Tape Holder (HM-1214), 3 Pack
  • Extreme Tools 55" Professional Power Workstation Hutch, Black (EX5501HCBK)
  • Extreme Tools 72" Professional Power Workstation Hutch, Black (EX7201HCBK)
  • Extreme Tools 76" 12 Drawer Professional Roller Cabinet, Black (EX7612RCBK)
  • Extreme Tools 24" Professional 4 Drawer Side Tool Cabinet, Blue (EX2404SCBL)
  • Klein Tools Electricians Tool Pouchcomb Set Black Cordura N, Extra Large (5710XL)

Buying guide

Choosing your Tool Boxes

Tools are a common commodity to people who have the passion for do-it-yourself projects. Such people are carpenters, mechanics and average home owners. Tool boxes are designed to store tools. They are available in different sizes, shapes and storage capacities.

Some tool boxes are portable. Such tools are convenient for those who move from one job site to another with their tools. Most of the tool boxes are made of durable materials like metal while others are made of simple fabric pockets. There are tool boxes with trays and drawers to store certain types of tools.  Whatever type of tools you have, there is a tool box to store them.


hand toolTypes of tool boxes

There is a wide variety of tool boxes available in the market. Some cater for specific needs while others are just basic sturdy boxes. Below are a few types of tool boxes which you can choose from.


Tool bags

These are made of durable fabric or leather with many pockets for storage. Tool bags are convenient for carrying tools where you need to move from one job site to another. Light tools like screw drivers and pliers can be carried using a tool bag.

They are not able to hold bigger tools like claw bar. Also tool bags are not good for carrying extremely heavy tools.


Gang box

Gang box is made of high-impact material or sturdy metal. It can carry small and medium sized tools. Gang box is strong and ensures that your tools are protected from damage during transport.


Truck box

Truck box is made of metal of high-impact resin. It can carry small to medium sized tools. It has a lid and this ensures that your tools are protected from damage. A truck box is attached to the bed of a pick-up truck.


Mechanic's tool box

This tool box is made of metal and has drawers and trays. It is portable and has enough storage for a mechanic`s tools.

truck toolFactors to consider before buying a tool box

If you are thinking of getting a tool box for storing your tools, choose one that meets your needs well. Before paying for any tool box, consider the following:


Define your storage needs

Tools’storage needs vary from an individual to another depending on the kind of tools you have. A mechanic will need a different tool box from a carpenter. The number of tools a person owns and the space occupied by those tools determine the type of storage needed. If you own a few small sized tools like pliers and screw drivers, all you need is just a small box to store them. If you want to store tools like car and tractor spare parts, you may need a larger box tool.



Weight of tools

Before purchasing any toolbox, consider the weight of your tools. Ensure that the tool box you intend to buy is strong enough to support your tools well. Some tools are heavier than others. If you want to get a tool box with drawers and trays, ensure that they are strong enough to accommodate the weight of tools without breaking.


Tool box portability

If you need to be moving from one place to another with your tools, you should consider getting a portable tool box. When you have a wide collection of tools that need to be moved from one jobsite to another, you may need to split the weight of the tools for easier transportation. In this case, you may need several tool boxes. If you are looking for a place to store all your tools at home, then get the biggest and heavy tool box.


Tool chests

These are large steel storage solutions that have drawers in different depths. They are made of metal and can support the weight of your tools. They allow you to store and organize a variety of tools.

If you have many tools that cannot fit in the small tool boxes you have, consider purchasing a tool cabinet or a tool chest.It has a large compartment for larger tools and small drawers for small and medium sized tools.

Apart from increasing your storage space, a tool chest can also offer a wide working area in the form of a sturdy top surface. For enough storage space, mobility and flexibility, roller stool chests will work well for you. You can easily move themaround as required because they have wheels.

A good tool box should help you organize your tools. It should offer maximum weather protection. Some metallic tools may rust when exposed to rain. The tool box you purchase should protect your tools from theft. Ensure it is lockable before paying for it.


Tool boxes are available in many hardware stores. You can also get them online especially from marketing sites. There is a wide variety of tool boxes online at affordable prices. A tool box is the perfect way of ensuring the safety of your tools.

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