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A tire is a ring-shaped rubber that covers a wheel rim to protect and provide it a flexible and shock-absorbing cushion for a better performance. It is spelled “tire” in American and Canadian English. 


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Types of Tires 


All Season tires are used on dry and wet roads during summer. They can also be used during winter season but their performance is below par. An All-Season tire is actually not a perfect summer or a winter tire, however, sometimes manufacturers call these tires, mud and snow tire.


All Terrain tires have harder sidewalls for optimum resistance when traversing the off-roads and are used on light trucks and Sports Utility Vehicles.


High Performance tires are tires with softer rubber for a better traction. They are used for faster driving, but, they are not long-lasting due to their limited tread life.


Mud and Snow tires have large and thick tread patterns that have a strong grip on muddy surfaces. They are also wider to help them avoid sinking in mud or snow.


Heavy duty tires, also known as Truck or Bus tires, are used on freight trucks, passenger buses and dump trucks.


Off-the-road tires are used on backhoes, trenchers, wheel loaders and mining trucks. There is a shortage of Off-the-road tires, the reason why manufacturing companies started to recycle these tires.


Run-flat tires are tires that run securely even without air for a limited range at a restricted speed. These tires have tough, load-supporting sidewalls. However, the Run-flat tire is irreparable if punctured.


Agricultural tires are used on farm vehicles like harvesters and tractors. They are designed to grip soil effortlessly even in a muddy surroundings.

Racing tires are engineered for definite race tracks. These tires are often illegal for public road use.


Industrial tires are for forklifts and skid loaders.


Motorcycle tires have three classes: the sport touring tires, the sport street tires and the track or slick tires. Sport touring tires are good for smooth roads. Sport street tires are for carving corners on public highways while the Track or slick tires are for racing.


Bicycle tyres are used for all bikes from utility bikes to mountain bikes.


Aircraft tires are specially made for exceptionally heavy loads. The numbers of Aircraft tires depend on the weight of the plane. The heavier the plane, the more number of wheels is needed.


The Semi-pneumatic tire has a hollow center and is not pressurized. It is lightweight, puncture-proof and inexpensive. It also provides cushioning. This tire is used on wheelchairs, mowers and wheel barrows.


6402-Tires > BridgestoneTips in Buying Tires


Choose the tire that is safe to use.


Shopping around is important before buying tires.


Tires that are more than a few years old should not be bought.


Buy tires with an A or AA rating. Treadwear grade should be above 200.


Don’t buy after name brands. There are less popular brands that are first-rate but cheaper.


The original tire from the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is not always the most excellent choice.


Get the right and trusted tire dealer that also offers tire rotation and repair at no extra cost.


Buy two sets of tires. There is a right tire for the season. All season tires pose some problems.


Buy four tires at once. However, if only two tires are to be bought, place the new tires on the back.


Read the warranty and be sure to know its whole coverage.


Tire Safety Tips


Maintain your tires and check regularly the tire pressure and tread depth.


Rotate the tires every 5,000 to 7,000 miles to be sure that all the tires are getting worn out at the same time.


Don’t change a single tire. Change also its partner on the other side of the car.


Under-inflated tires consume more fuel. Keep the tire properly inflated.


Uneven wearing of tires can cause imbalance alignment.                                                                                            


Spare tire should always be available.


Cnange the worn-out tire immediately.


Special machines are needed to put the new tires over the car’s wheels. A mechanic should install the new tires.


6402-Tires > WinterTireTips on Preserving Tires


Rotate the tires according to the suggested time frame. Front tires wear out quickly because they do a lot of work.

Keep the tires balanced when rotating them.


Maintain proper alignment of the wheels.


Maintain the proper tire pressure and be sure it is property inflated. The tire pressure that needs to be maintained should be according to the manufacturer’s manual.


Regular checking of the tire’s surface is needed.


Stay away from dirt roads and off-roads to avoid tire puncture.


Clean the tire regularly by spraying down the car tires with water in order to eliminate dirt and mud.


Brush the tires with a wire brush to remove any sticky dirt. Take away the dirt inside the threads.


Use a tire soap to clean the tire instead of a cleaning spray with a harmful chemical that might melt the rubber of the tire.


Coat the tires with UV protectant after soaping and drying.


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