Table and floor lamps

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  • Urban Barn Railay Table Lamp (143821)
    $79.99 $149.00 -46%
  • Urban Barn Leighton Table Lamp Silver (144079)
    $99.99 $189.00 -47%
  • Urban Barn Loriel Table Lamp (142014)
    $89.99 $119.00 -24%
  • Philips HF3520/60 Wake-Up Light
  • Adesso Aries 73" Torchiere Floor Lamp 7500-01 / 7500-22 Finish: Black (7500-01)
  • Philips Wake Up Light HF3505
    $79.99 $99.99 -20%
  • Dale Tiffany Broadview Bankers 16.25" Table Lamp TT90186 (TT90186)
    $189.99 $214.99 -12%
  • Meyda Tiffany Tiffany Rosebush 28" Table Lamp 72443 (72443)
    $709.99 $1,320.99 -46%
  • Oriental Furniture Yoko 17" Table Lamp LMP-YOKO-Yellow Colour: Aqua Blue (LMP-YOKO-Aqua)
  • Alcott Hill Deerfield 70" Torchiere Floor Lamp ALCT5087 (ALCT5087 28234038)
  • GGI International Romantic Cosmos Star and Sky Moon Night Light Projector LAMP-STR (LAMP-STR)
  • Imperial Home 200 Lumens Battery Operated LED Night Light FL2001224 (FL2001224)
  • Bay Isle Home Ragleaf 22.5" Table Lamp Set BAYI1935 Frame Colour: Gold (BAYI1935 32086826)
    $139.99 $814.99 -83%
  • Mercury Row Tchantches 60" Swing Arm Floor Lamp MCRW5183 (MCRW5183 39871357)
    $187.99 $246.99 -24%
  • Mistana Derrall 85" Tree Floor Lamp MTNA1874 (MTNA1874 40377928)
    $346.99 $664.99 -48%
  • Adesso 3349 Rodeo Single Light 61" High Gooseneck Floor Lamp
    $107.14 $212.50 -50%
  • Eglo 85104 Solo 1 Single-Bulb Touch-Dimming Table Lamp
    $62.41 $80.00 -22%
  • Elegant Lighting Fl1214 Ansel 19" Wide Tripod Single Light Tripod Floor Lamp Fro
    $500.00 $2,100.00 -76%
  • Star Wars Original Trilogy Skywalker's Lightsaber Legacy Table Lamp
  • Urban Barn Ilona Floor Lamp (141670)
    $239.99 $349.00 -31%
  • Dimond Lighting Penbrook 83" Tree Floor Lamp D2173 (D2173)
    $372.99 $683.99 -45%
  • ORE Furniture 85" Tree Floor Lamp K-9744 (K-9744)
    $421.99 $444.99 -5%
  • Meyda Tiffany Nouveau Cone 28.5" Table Lamp 17582 (17582)
    $404.99 $687.99 -41%
  • Contempo Lights Sienna Dual 63" LED Floor Lamp SHSC198 (SHSC198)
    $429.99 $1,908.99 -77%

Buying guide

floor lampChoosing Table and Floor Lamps


Adding table or floor lamps to your interior design is the best way to transform your home’s lighting. If you have any accent pieces that you wish to highlight, lamps will help you achieve this. Lamps are not only essential when it comes to setting a certain mood in rooms but also in helping you achieve certain  tasks like reading or working in the home office.

Floor and table lamps give out amazing lighting for different situations. They work perfectly in rooms that require additional illumination. The market has numerous types of these lamps and so you should consider a few factors before buying them. These include:


Brightness offered

Several factors determine how bright a floor or table lamp should be. The first one is the number of light bulbs it can hold. While some lamps come with only one socket that can hold a single bulb, others have a number of sockets to accommodate two to three bulbs.

The second factor is the bulb’s wattage. Typically, sockets may be rated for 100, 50 or 75-watt bulb. However, some lamps may require high-wattage bulbs, which give out a brighter light. This is essential if you would like to use the lamp in a room that requires much illumination.

Whereas some lamps have several settings that you can adjust to regulate the intensity of light, others only come with one setting. Therefore, you need to consider the brightness of the lamp based on where you would like to use it.


Lamp material

Before buying your lamp, it is important that you look into the material of its neck, base and shade. Usually, floor lamps are made of metal, wood and plastic. Typically, wooden floor lamps have their neck and base made of wood.

They also have a cloth or paper shade. They are sturdy and long lasting and you can find them in vintage and modern styles.

On the hand, metallic floor lamps have their bases, shades and necks made of metal. Most of them appear streamlined and are strong. You can find them in a modern style if that’s your preference.

Are you looking for an affordable option? Then plastic lamps will be your best bet. These ones will require good care for them to serve you for a long time.


Lamp’s function

You can buy a table or floor lamp for several reasons: for reading purposes or as your nightstand. Besides, you may want to use it for your own entertainment purposes. Knowing the lamp’s purpose will guide you into what you should look for.

For example, if you want to use the lamp for entertainment purposes, you may want it to have specific colours. In the same breath, a reading lamp requires a slightly higher wattage for a brighter illumination.


Size of the lamp

Floor and table lamps are of diverse sizes.  To purchase the right size, you should know where you intend to place the lamp. For instance, if you would like to place it on a narrow or delicate table, you should get a slender lamp.

Moreover, the table’s height also determines the lamp’s height. Short tables will require longer lamps while tall tables will require shorter lamps.

Other than choosing a lamp that will brighten your living space, you also want to go for one that coordinates well with your home’s decor. Always ensure that the lamp complements the theme in your home. Therefore consider other aspects such as the colour of your furniture, carpet, walls, ceiling, wall papers and curtains.


Different Styles of lamps

Floor lamps come in different styles so you will be spoilt for choice. Here the available styles:


vintage lampAntique style

If you are looking for a lamp with an ancient style, the antique category has several of them with different pricing.

Here is an example: Lazaro Antique


Vintage style

Lamps with this style tend to imitate the style of a past era. They are elegant and of different sizes and cost.

Here is an example: Tripod table lamp


Retro style

Lamps with this style have elements of past styles and can add an ancient feel to your home.


Here is an example: Elke table lamp


Contemporary style

Lamps in this category come in diverse colours, sizes, shapes and prices. This is a modern style for those who prefer the latest lighting fittings.

Example: Barber carousel stripped


Designer style

Lamps in this category are creatively designed to suit your needs. They are available in different colours, shapes and prices.

Example: Bourgie lamp


With all these factors in your mind, you will end up getting a floor or table lamp that meets your lighting needs. Once you have found a few that meet your requirements, you can now look at the pricing. Above all, the quality of the lamp should drive your purchasing decision and the quality can be summed up into the above factors.


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