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When someone tells you that the sound produced by your music system doesn’t have enough bass, you know that it is time for you to invest in subwoofers. Subwoofers reproduce bass (low pitch audio frequencies). Subwoofers can be easily bought from online stores if you know what to look for.


What to look for in subwoofers?


68-subwoofersLow distortion subwoofers should be your priority

One of the issues with many subwoofers is that they distort sound and reduce the clarity and detail. Hence, you must consider low-distortion subwoofers so that the bass tones are rendered accurately and create real-like sounds. These subwoofers may be slightly more expensive, but they are worth the money that you spend.


Bigger is not better in subwoofers

It’s not true that bigger subwoofers are more effective subwoofers. There are some small subwoofers that can produce fantastic bass. You will feel that thumping effect when you turn on your music system (with subwoofers) and the quality of the music will be simply phenomenal. Ensure that the power output complements the space.


Window shop for subwoofers

To buy the best subwoofer for your home or car, it is always good to window shop (we mean research) for a while. Window shopping online is easy because this can be done at home. Shortlist a few subwoofers, read their reviews and then make your decision to purchase.


How choose to your subwoofers according to your need?



Buying car subwoofers

If you are looking at a car subwoofer, then you have the option to choose between a subwoofer auto driver and a powered subwoofer. A powered subwoofer has an inbuilt amplifier that is obviously helpful. Car subwoofers are usually low power because the enclosure inside the car is much smaller and yet you get fantastic sound.


Subwoofers for your home

For homes, there are larger subwoofers that you can choose from. This is simply because of the reason that you have more space to accommodate the subwoofer box. Depending on the power of a subwoofer, the size of the box may vary. It is a good idea to calculate the space that you have and then choose your subwoofer box.


Consider compatibility when buying subwoofers

If you are looking to add subwoofers to your existing music or home theatre system, compatibility is one point you need to keep in perspective. Otherwise, you will just end up wasting your money.


68-polk-audio-subwoofersWhat are the most popular subwoofers?

Klipsch R-12SW is a fantastic subwoofer that you can use for your home or car. This subwoofer has a rich look, but more importantly, it produces the kind of bass to fall in love with.


If subwoofer looks matter to you, then there is one subwoofer you will fall in love with : Polk Audio DSW PRO 660wi. This is the bestselling subwoofer from Polk that you will know when you use it. 


Even better looking is Polk Audio PSW111, a superbly designed subwoofer for discerning customers like you. If you care about bass, this is the product for you.



Subwoofers make a whole lot of difference to sound. Most music systems have their own subwoofers but it is a great idea to upgrade because of the richer quality sound that you get. Shop from online stores for subwoofers and you can get your choice product at your choice price.

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