Welcome to our Storage section! If you’re looking for a hard drive update, a new solid state drive or a simple USB flash drive, we’re sure you’ll find it here. Those who need to carry their files wherever they go will find a huge variety of USB memory sticks from brands like Kingston, Patriot, Corsair and SanDisk, and with different capacities up to 256GB. There are portable and internal hard disc drives too, they offer a huge storing capacity and will serve as a great tool to ... View more backup all your computer files, internal HDDs are faster than portable ones, but you’ll need a case to carry it around. You’ll find cases too, in case you’re building a new computer, but want to keep your old HDD, some cases are USB 3.0 to give you incredible transfer speeds. If what you really want is speed, the best advice would be solid-state drive. This type of memory is 30% faster than the hard disk drive, paired with enough RAM memory and a good processor, your notebook or desktop computer will be way more efficient. The other form of storage, often used in cameras, is the memory card. These cards can be either SD or MicroSD, the latter is used on smartphones mostly, one good thing about them is that there are readers that enable them to be used like a normal USB stick, so if your computer do not have ports for them, you can get a reader and use it anywhere. Another way to store your files is to burn CDs, DVDs or Blu-ray discs. While a Blu-ray disk can store up to 50GB, they’re more expensive than CDs and DVDs, here you’ll find burners and readers for all formats. If you’re building a computer or upgrading your old burner, there are plenty of options! Don’t forget to read the product reviews and our buying guides since some of these products have different functions. ... View less