Stools are a vital necessary for every kitchen. At homes, having a well designed bar stool that complements the aesthetics of kitchen and serves practical purposes can add value to overall d̩cor of a place. Therefore, choosing bar stools and kitchen stools is quite important. This buying guide elaborates some factors that must be considered while investing in kitchen or bar stools. Read buying guide

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  • Urban Barn Rhythm Stool 26 -Brushed (141248)
  • Urban Barn Vesper Counter Stool (137567002)
  • Urban Barn Vesper Counter Stool (137567001)
  • Mistana Marleigh Counter Height Bar Stool MTNA3613 (MTNA3613 40644840)
    $313.99 $611.99 -49%
  • SPN Alba Barstool
  • Breakwater Bay Ginevra 29.5" Bar Stool with Cushion BKWT1567 (BKWT1567 38176622)
    $289.99 $327.99 -12%
  • Nicer Interior 30.5" Bar Stool AP5516B- Finish: Galvanized (AP5516B-GV-1)
  • Nicer Interior 18" Bar Stool AP5516- Finish: Black (AP5516-BK-1)
  • Nicer Interior 26" Bar Stool AP5501TC-SM Finish: Transparent Smoke (AP5501TC-SM)
    $165.08 $231.09 -29%
  • Loon Peak Hayden 25" Bar Stool (Set of 2) LNPK3645 (LNPK3645 34955820)
    $299.98 $325.98 -8%
  • Red Barrel Studio Loughran 29" Bar Stool RDBL4078 Upholstery: Natural (RDBL4078 37983629)
    $142.17 $195.17 -27%
  • Red Barrel Studio Loughran 29" Bar Stool RDBL4078 Upholstery: Mahogany (RDBL4078 37983628)
    $139.99 $192.99 -27%
  • Andover Mills Christensen 25" Bar Stool ADML8335 Finish: Antique White (ADML8335 40133358)
  • Alcott Hill Wynwood 24" Bar Stool (Set of 2) ACOT7743 (ACOT7743 40166277)
    $389.98 $419.98 -7%
  • August Grove Gargilesse Counter Stool AGGR4031 (AGGR4031 38670849)
  • Loon Peak Abordale 30" Round Seat Bar Stool LNPK7489 Finish: Lacquered (LNPK7489 39269395)
    $234.61 $320.61 -27%
  • Loon Peak Abella 30" Rustic Swivel Bar Stool LNPK7491 Finish: Stained and Lacquered (LNPK7491 39269399)
    $444.48 $673.48 -34%
  • Loon Peak Abordale 30" Square Seat Swivel Bar Stool LNPK7490 Finish: Lacquered (LNPK7490 39269397)
    $408.46 $641.46 -36%
  • Loon Peak Abordale 30" Swivel Bar Stool LNPK7608 Finish: Clear Lacquer, Upholstery: Saddle (LNPK7608 39269751)
    $406.72 $711.72 -43%
  • Loon Peak Abordale 24" Natural Swivel Bar Stool LNPK7653 Finish: Ready to Finish (LNPK7653 39269879)
    $379.99 $598.99 -37%
  • Loon Peak Abordale 30" Swivel Bar Stool LNPK7608 Finish: Ready to Finish, Upholstery: Saddle (LNPK7608 39269749)
    $369.99 $674.99 -45%
  • Loon Peak Abordale 24" Bar Stool LNPK7669 Finish: Natural (LNPK7669 39269934)
    $499.99 $814.99 -39%
  • Loon Peak Abella 24" Square Bar Stool with Cushion LNPK7660 Finish: Stain and Lacquer Finish, Upholstery: Buckskin (LNPK7660 39269905)
    $674.96 $965.96 -30%

Buying guide

Knowing what a bar or kitchen stool is

Bar stools are like a tall chair, a piece of furniture that can be 30 inches from the floor to the seat. These stools can be used for a tall bar table of up to 45 inches and add depth to the interiors of a kitchen. Kitchen stools of counter style are useful for kitchen counters that are up to 38 inches in height. These kitchen stools are usually 24 to 26 inches tall and prove to be quite practical in larger kitchens that also feature a counter area for eating, drinking and gossiping.

Factors to consider while choosing bar and kitchen stools


Material is the first factor that must be considered while investing in a bar stool or a kitchen stool. Currently, two materials are mostly used in construction of bar and kitchen stools. This includes metal and wood. While metal stool materials are either made of steel or aluminum, the wooden stools are made from a single or mixed type of wood including walnut, mahogany, cherry, maple, oak or pecan. Metal bar and kitchen stools are offered in different styles and varieties. They tend to provide a very contemporary look to the kitchen and have a industrial style design for homes and pubs. Metal stools are available in rustic or wrought iron for those who want their home or pubs to reflect a sense of rustic. Wooden stools on the other hand can be anything from traditional to modern and are great for those who love playing darts, singing songs or talking to their family members. They have a very European feel with them. The homely feel can be given to a kitchen by adding darker wood. For complementing flashy rooms with a hint of minimalism and sophistication, sleek bar and kitchen stools can be used.

Spacing and ArmrestKitchen Stool

Since bar and kitchen stools are placed quite close to each other, therefore buyer must consider the row or spacing between different bar stools. Typically, each bar stool should have enough area for each person to come and sit. Buyers can get stools that are designed in such a way that they provide a spacious look to the overall décor. Armrest is another factor that can be considered while purchasing a set of bar or kitchen stools. Bar stools usually feature smaller armrest or may not have armrest. But they tend to have a headrest or the backrest on which a user can lean. But most of the kitchen stools are of old European Style and may not feature a backrest either. So, consider whether you want a traditional stool without backrest or a modern stool with backrest.


Most of the bar stools feature upholstery or cushioning for sitting. Upholstery is more of a personal preference, but a few simple tips can be kept in mind while selecting upholstery for the bar stools and kitchen stools. Easy to clean material, which means that the upholstery can be easily cleaned if the snacks are dirtying it or the drink is spilled. For those who require fuss free cleaning experience, leather, microfiber, plastic lining and polyester are the best. Aesthetic appeal is also a factor to be considered here. Since leather might not suit all kinds of décor, Stooltherefore, plastic and vinyl material for upholstery can be preferred for ease of cleaning and complementing the kitchen.


The seats without sharp edges shall be preferred over others, especially if the stool is going to be around children or the elderly. Warranty of upholstery serves as an icing on the cake. Otherwise, individuals who prefer durability should opt for leather. Upholstery shouldn’t be exposed to sunlight for keeping it as good as new. Wooden stools in the kitchen or the bar tend to have no upholstery on them. In these cases, buyers can choose different styles or types of cushions or may even keep the top empty.


In case one has family member that is short of tall, adjustability is a factor that can provide ease of usage and convenience for bar and kitchen stools. For example, stools in the kitchen that offer adjustable height option tend to be more convenient. The swivel mechanism can be preferred for these purposes as it allows easier raising or lowering of the seat. A protective cover on the piston can be beneficial as it avoids staining one’s clothes.

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