Welcome to our sound section. The products you’ll find here will improve the way you listen to music, watch videos, play games and talk to your friends online. There are a huge variety of speakers with different functions like surround sound and subwoofer. If you enjoy hi-fi sound you’ll see that we have brands like Sony, Lenovo and Bose. There are even wireless speakers that can be connected to multiple devices for those who don’t like wires. To achieve a good sound quality, you need a good ... View more sound card, if you bought your computer, most of the times, they’ll come with a basic sound card, that’s why we have brands like ASUS, Turtle Beach and Creative Sound to make sure you’ll find the best product. If you’re building a gaming computer, it’s advised to invest in a good sound card to be completely immersed in games like Battlefield and Call of Duty. To keep it quiet, but not bland, there are a number of headphones and headsets that will prove just as good when it comes to sound. You’ll be able to hear everything, from the bass of your favorite song to the enemy footsteps of your favorite game, there are also wireless headsets, meaning you don’t need to take it off anytime you want to do something away from the computer! But, if all you need is a better microphone, there are plenty of options of microphones that can be used to record podcasts and radio shows too, there are even wireless transmitters for the professionals. Don’t forget to read the products reviews and buying guides to help you making the best choice. ... View less