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  • Miagon Bling Case for iPhone Xr 6.1",Shiny Sparkle Electroplated Diamond Frame Glitter Skin 360 Degree Ring Stand Silicone Bumper Protective Case Cover for iPhone Xr 6.1" Silver
  • B.Duck iPhone 5 Case Silver (1804703)
    $11.78 $11.85
  • Phantom Glass for iPhone6 - Silver (PGSC-IPHONE6P-SILVER)
  • Huawei Honor 8 Case - Silver (51991679)
  • Dummy Display Phone Model 1:1 Scale Non-Working Replica Phone for i7 4.7" Silver
  • KTcpt Compatible with Apple Watch Series 4 Screen Protector 44mm, Soft Slim Full-Around Protective iWatch 4 Case Cover for Apple Watch Series 4,2pack (44mm, Silver)
  • Final Sales Item - BX2 Exo Iphone 5/SE Case Silver (1582)
    $9.10 $34.99 74% off
  • 1x SR920SW SR920 371 1.55V Silver Oxide Button Cell Watch Battery Batteries BULK (SR920)
  • CUSKING Galaxy J1 2016 Liquid Silicone Case Shockproof Gel Rubber Cover Glitter Transparent Floating Flowing Case Protective Bumper Case - Silver and Blue (CUKCA11J120-0706)
  • CUSKING iPhone X iPhone 10 Liquid Silicone Case Shockproof Gel Rubber Cover Glitter Transparent Floating Flowing Case Protective Bumper Case - Silver and Blue (CUKCA11IX-0706)
  • CUSKING iPhone 7 Plus iPhone 8 Plus Liquid Silicone Case Shockproof Gel Rubber Cover Glitter Transparent Floating Flowing Case Protective Bumper Case - Silver and Blue (CUKCA11I7P-0706)
  • CUSKING iPhone 6 Plus iPhone 6s Plus Liquid Silicone Case Shockproof Gel Rubber Cover Glitter Transparent Floating Flowing Case Protective Bumper Case - Silver and Blue (CUKCA11I6P-0706)
  • HandyCase Case for iPhone 7, [New Year Merry Christmas Series] Santa Claus Back Cover Bling [Glitter Quicksand] Phone Shell [Hard PC] Phone Case - Silver (HandyCase)
  • iPhone 7 Case, iPhone 8 Case, Soft Slim TPU Holographic Rainbow Phone Cover for iPhone 7 & iPhone 8 4.7" Shinny Dazzling Metallic Silver Cases Girls Boys
  • Slim Style Pro Finish Leather Type Case for iPhone 6 Plus (Silver) (RT-P8SLC1/SV)
  • Hovisi Galaxy S6 case,3 in 1 Anti-Scratch Anti-Fingerprint Shockproof Electroplate Frame with Non Slip Coated Case for Samsung Galaxy S6 (Silver) (Hcaw-5069)
  • Mate 10 Pro Case, Mingwei [with 360 ° Kickstand] Rotating Ring Case [Dual Shockproof] Protection Cover Compatible with [Magnetic Car Mount] for Huawei (Mate 10 Pro, Silver) (ZHKJ-MT10)
  • Samsung Galaxy Smart Watch Protective case, Fashion Quick Release Ultra Thin TPU Plating Cases Protection Bumper Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm (Silver)
  • AIsoar iPhone XR Case, iPhone XR Case Mirror Clear Leather, Stand Clear View Window Slim Multi-Function Mirror Cover S-View Fashion flip Folio Full Body Protection Shockproof Bumper For iPhone XR (Silver) (iPhone XR Case,iPhone XR Cover)
  • LENKA Galaxy S9 Plus Case, Slim Fit Matte Coating PC Hard Cover Case Free Tempered Glass Screen Protector Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus - Silver (A00072/S9PP/SLV)
  • AIsoar Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Case, Galaxy S7 Edge Mirror Case Clear, View Window Kickstand Multi-Function Slim 360°Full Body Protection S-View flip Folio Anti-Scratch for Samsung S7 Edge (Silver)

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When mobile phones were first introduced in the market nobody could have imagined that the protective mobile cover case will be such a big name one day. Today, a cell phone without an attractive and protective case cover is nearly unthinkable. The market is flooded with a wide variety of different mobile cases of different sizes, shapes, colors and designs. After purchasing a new mobile set, the first thing that we do today is to buy a convenient mobile case. But we have to make sure that the quality of the mobile case is good. It has to be strong and durable enough to provide protection to your cell phone. Those days are gone, when only boring black or brown color leather finish mobile cases were available in the market that were bulky and cumbersome in terms of basic handling. The mobile cases available today offer a sleek, smooth fit for the mobile phone according to the size, width and weight, and overall offer a customized appeal fit for anyone and everyone's mobile phone.

Choosing your mobile case

Functions and Usage

The primary function of mobile cases is to give protection to the costly cell phone sets and prevent them from any damage (from fall or scratch). In the earlier times the mobile sets were designed in a box like shape and didn't feature sensors and touch screens that would require any extra protection. Hence, mobile cases were not as popular as they are today. All that could be found was leather finish mobile cases mostly in the classic black and brown leather color. Today when we look at the mobile cases, it gives us the impression that mobile cases today are designed not only to provide protection to the cell phones but also render a high level fashion statement. Everywhere you look around today you will find the mobile phones decked with beautiful, colorful, bright and attractive mobile cases with the perfect fit.

The necessity of having one

Why do you need a mobile case for your cell phone? Is it really necessary? Today, a majority of the population invests money on high quality touch mobile screens with tons of features incorporated within. They are quite costly and one cannot buy a phone every other day just because the phone has acquired a scratch on the screen. This can be totally avoided with the aid of a quality mobile case. Because often we find that no matter how much we care for our phones, it gets few scratches on the screen and this definitely spoils the entire look of the phone set and gives a very ugly appearance. Moreover, the heat and sweat can also spoil the entire look of your lovely cell phone. Having a mobile case is definitely a pro in such a situation. In fact, the cell phone case can help to protect your phone from damage via keys and coins when you keep your phone in your trouser pocket.


With progress in technology and the advancement in the design of mobile phones even the mobile cases have undergone a huge transformation. The beautiful, innovative and attractive mobile cases are creating waves in the market today. People all over the world are crazy about getting the perfect mobile case for their trendy and costly cell phones. It is rightly said that mobile cases are not just for protecting your cell phone from any kind of damage and wear and tear, but has also become the new style statement especially among the younger generation. People don't mind spending hundreds of dollars on mobile cases so that they can enhance the appearance of their phone and make it even more happening, cool and trendy.

Which mobile case for which use?

You will find that there are different types of mobile cases available in the market today. Starting from slim built, wide to pouch style mobile cases and smooth and polished finishing mobile cases. In fact, today you can also access certain popular cartoon characters (Such as “Angry Birds”) mobile cases too. If you want to be more creative and want your cell phone to appear unique and distinct from all your friends, relatives, neighbors and colleagues, you can even try out for customized mobile cases in different designs, graphics and bright and vivid color. Usually the mobile cases are available at a very reasonable cost and thereby purchasing them isn't a problem or constraint. You have to be sure, however, that the mobile case you are buying for your cell phone is going to attend your needs by matching the way you use said cell phone. For example, a “Ben 10” themed mobile case will obviously not be suited for the Blackberry you use at work; and a business leather case will probably raise eyebrows among your circles if you are a young girl. The bottom-line is: you have to find a mobile case that fits you, that fits your phone, and that fits the ambient you are going to use them into.


People often think that having a mobile case bars them from operating the cell phone freely. But this is not the case with the mobile cases that are available today. Apart from rendering security and protection to your cell phone the mobile cases enables you to operate the mobile easily and with convenience. Unlike the older mobile cases, today you can connect with your headsets and ear phones and carry out a whole lot of things even with the mobile case. Different types of materials are used for manufacturing the mobile cases like silicon, crystal, leather etc. Hence, if you want to render complete protection to your cell phone, purchase a mobile case.

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