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  • American Standard AM0301D.400 Euro 66" Tall Frameless, Pivot, Clear Glass Shower
    $526.85 $853.54 -38%
  • American Standard AMOPQF1.400 Neo Angle 68-1/2" Tall Framed, Pivot, Clear Glass
    $783.28 $1,218.43 -36%
  • American Standard AM0302D.400 Euro Pivot 66" Tall Frameless, Pivot, Clear Glass
    $766.26 $1,241.39 -38%
  • Swanstone SSIT-60-3 Three Panel Shower Wall Kit 33-1/2"D x 60"W x 60"H
    $1,238.96 $1,935.88 -36%
  • Kohler K-705729-L 72" x 60" Heavy Glass Pivot Shower Door from the Finial Series
    $3,618.65 $4,824.87 -25%
  • Kohler K-702207-L Fluence 3/8" Thick Glass Bypass Shower Door - 59-5/8" W x 70-5
    $1,203.23 $1,604.30 -25%
  • Kohler K-705705-L Purist 72-1/4" H x 57-1/4" - 59-3/4" W Heavy Glass Pivot Showe
    $3,372.00 $4,496.00 -25%
  • Kingston Brass CC1040 Vintage Oval Shower Riser with Enclosure and 5" Shower Hea
    $330.73 $508.82 -35%
  • Swanstone SS-60-5 Bathtub Wall Panel System in Swanstone for 30" x 60" Tub with
    $1,183.30 $1,893.03 -37%
  • American Standard AM00745.400 Prestige 66" Tall Framed, bypass, Clear Glass Show
    $681.99 $1,101.72 -38%
  • American Standard AM00804.422 Pacer Pivot Rain
    $327.93 $543.75 -40%
  • American Standard AM00802.436 Pacer Pivot Hammered
    $346.06 $573.82 -40%
  • American Standard AM00350.422 Euro Frameless Rain
    $1,046.21 $1,446.49 -28%
  • Kingston Brass CC1040 Vintage Oval Shower Riser with Enclosure and 5" Shower Hea
    $372.73 $636.03 -41%
  • Moen 63-5 Donner Commercial 60" Shower Rod
    $7.63 $10.56 -28%
  • American Standard AMOPQF1.436 Neo Angle 68-1/2" Tall Framed, Pivot, Hammered Gla
    $1,001.62 $1,647.11 -39%
  • American Standard AM00345.400 Euro 65-1/2" Tall Frameless, bypass, Clear Glass S
    $753.50 $1,249.05 -40%
  • American Standard AM00725.400 Prestige 55" Tall Framed, bypass, Clear Glass Show
    $513.33 $789.75 -35%
  • American Standard AM00735.400 Prestige 66" Tall Framed, bypass, Clear Glass Show
    $649.71 $1,049.56 -38%
  • American Standard AM00370.422 Euro 69" Tall Frameless, bypass, Rain Glass Shower
    $1,228.89 $1,483.80 -17%
  • American Standard AMOPQF2.436 Neo Angle 68-1/2" Tall Framed, Pivot, Hammered Gla
    $785.16 $1,272.01 -38%

Buying guide

Choosing Shower Screens

One of the most important rooms you have in your house is the bathroom. It is the place you can feel refreshed and invigorated. Your bathroom should be comfortable, clean, safe and well equipped to meet your needs. It should also be well designed to make it functional and elegant at the same time.

One of the simplest ways of improving your bathroom is by purchasing a shower screen. Not only does a shower screen make your bathroom look good, but also, it ensures your privacy. A good shower screen prevents water splashes which can damage your bathroom.


Types of the shower screen

There are plenty of different types of shower screens available in the market today. Do a wide market survey to get information on the available shower screens. You should also get to know their features so as to determine which type of shower screen satisfies needs. The most common options are;


Pivot door shower screen

Most panels of the shower screen are fixed in place. The main door is on a pivot hinge so that it pivots inwards or outwards when opened.


Sliding door shower screen

As the name suggests, a sliding shower has one or more fixed panel and a door that allows you to enter and exit the shower screen.


corner shower screensCorner shower screens

Corner shower screens are designed to be installed in a corner of the bathroom. It has two or more fixed panels. It has a pivot door which allows in and out of the shower.


Fixed and swing shower screens

These shower screens work by having a fixed panels and a swinging door. These doors open outwards only. They are best in bathrooms that have enough floor space to accommodate the outward opening door.


Fixed panel shower screen

These have no door at all just a panel of glass fixed in a place. They can be used to create a shower walk in the shower or on the front edge of a combined bath/shower, where rose water is installed.

Screen showers can also be classified based on their outlook.

Frameless shower screen: These shower screens have no frame around the glass at all. Instead, the glass panels are fixed in place using special channels, fixings or clamps. It is easy to clean as there is nowhere for soap scum and grime to accumulate.

Semi framed shower screen; This shower screen is framed around the outside but is not framed around the door or on the sides of glass panel. Fully framed shower screen: This shower screen has a frame installed around all side of each panel.


shower screenWhat to consider when purchasing a shower screen

 When shopping for a shower screen, there is a number of considerations you should make.



Shower screens are of different sizes. Take measurements of your bathroom first and then buy a shower screen that fits well in your bathroom. It does not make sense to have a very small shower screen in a big bathroom. It is also embarrassing to buy a shower screen that is bigger than your bathroom.


Colour and design

Go for a shower screen that compliments the look of your bathroom. There are different themes available in the market and that is why you should pick one that matches room`s aesthetics.


Family members

One of the aspects you should never overlook when shopping for a shower screen is the needs of the family members. For example, it will not make sense to buy a gorgeous shower screen that your little child cannot open. Look for a shower screen that’s not only fashionable but also easy to use.


Installation process and durability

Select a shower screen that is easy to install. Ensure that the installation instructions are clear before buying the shower screen. You should also be able to contact the manufacturer or the seller right away in case you have any questions about the product.

Purchase a shower screen that can serve you for a long time. Check their features to know if they are durable.  Definitely, such shower screens are expensive. Do not be tempted by the cheap wide varieties of shower screens available in most stores. They may not serve you for long. 



Consider your budget for decorating your bathroom. Decide how much you need to spend. By spending more, you expect a high quality product. Carefully consider all elements discussed above and conclude what you need and what you don’t need.  This way, costs which you have to meet can be determined easily.

The advantage of a shower screen, as opposed to a shower curtain, would be that a shower screen is easier to keep clean and looks more stylish, making your bathroom looks more modern than with a shower curtain. Give your bath area a facelift in the simplest way possible. Buy a good shower screen and install it.



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