Remember those age old shaving razors that could be used even to murder someone? And these razors invariably caused cuts and nicks when used for shaving. Thankfully, the days of those razors are gone. Today most men use safety razors (which are definitely safer) for shaving, but more and more men are more inclined to use those battery operated shavers because these are even safer and are more convenient to use. Moreover, these shavers allow different degrees of shaving and allow men to sport beards as per their choice. Here is our guide to pick the shaver you need at the best price: Read buying guide

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  • Edwin Jagger Bulbous Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor
  • Bolin Webb X1 Razor Handle for Fusion, Argent White
  • Thiers Issard "Bijou De France" 7 Day Straight Razor
  • Parker 50M Gillette Mach3 Genuine Ox Horn Handle
  • Iwasaki Japanese Kamisori Straight Razor
  • Boker Waldorf Hollow Ground Straight Razor 5/8" in 24K Gold
  • Wilde & Harte Apsley Razor with Gillette Fusion Head
  • Wilde & Harte Osterley Razor with Gillette Fusion Head
  • DOVO "Carpe Diem" Straight Razor 5/8", Multiwood Handle
  • Razorine Shavette Razor
  • Focus R217 Carbon Steel Straight Razor 6/8”, Wenge Wood Handle
  • Thiers Issard Eagle Black Singing Straight Razor 5/8", Faux Tortoise Scales
  • "Yonge" Gillette Fusion Razor Handle
  • Edwin Jagger Bulbous Gillette Mach 3 Turbo Razor
  • Muhle Classic R89 Safety Razor and Stand
  • Banshu Hamono Traditional Bamboo Wrapped Straight Razor
  • SUPPLY Single Edge Razor 2.0
  • BAILI Vintage Double-Edge Safety Razor
  • Focus R53 Tritok Slant Double Edge Safety Razor
  • Feather AS-D2S Stainless Steel Double Edge Razor and Stand, Made in Japan
  • Merkur 43C Stainless Steel Handle Double-Edge Safety Razor

Buying guide

Remington F4800 Dual Foil ShaverThe different types of shavers


You cannot just go out in the market and buy any shaver that you like. First and foremost, you should know about the different types of shavers that are available.


Foil shavers

These shavers have straight heads and use oscillating blades located below a flexible shaving foil to cut the stubble.


Rotary shavers

These shavers have two to three circular heads that rotate to lift the stubble and cut it. These are the shavers that you most often see in the ads.


Both kinds of electric shavers are waterproof and thus absolutely safe to use and clean with water. There are some models that run on battery while few require electrical plug-ins. Depending upon the brand and number of features and functions, the price rates of the shavers varies greatly.


Now which of these should you choose for yourself. Let us look at some of the elements that are useful for you so that you can make the right decision.


Noise –If you are looking for a less noisy shaver, the rotary models are better for you.

Longer stubble – If you have longer hair on your face, the rotary model is again a better option for you.

Contour shaving – Places like the neck and the chin are shaved better with the rotary models.


Braun Series 7 790cc-3You may now feel that the rotary shavers are better suited for you. But if you have been using disposable razors all this while, moving on to a shaver will be easier if you use a foil shaver. This is because of the fact that foil shavers allow you to make those same long and straight strokes that are synonymous with disposable razors. Moreover, foil shavers, because they work like razors, tend to offer you closer shaves.


If you have a sensitive skin, a dry shaver may cause irritations. If you use a foil shaver, you can shave with a cream and this is only possible. There are wet/dry models available in foil shavers that you will not find in rotary shavers.



Opt for the cordless shavers for more convenience

Today, it is best to purchase shavers that are cordless. A corded shaver is one that you attach to the mains while you shave. But this may not be convenient when you are out of your home. A cordless shaver runs on batteries that you can charge and use without the mains. The only point to be kept in mind related to cordless shavers is that there should be enough time for you to shave. Once you charge the shaver, it should run uninterrupted for at least 45 minutes. This will be enough for a week or so.


Make use of the trimmer

Most of the modern shavers have trimmers built into them. Trimmers are especially useful for shaping your sideburns. Otherwise you know how out of shape they look. Look for shavers that have pop-out trimmers. This means you only use the trimmer when you want to and it doesn’t cause you inconvenience during your normal shaving time.



Wahl 'Peanut' Hair ClipperWhich shavers for which use?


As per the discussion we’ve had here, you would no doubt be looking for the two primary types of shavers.



If you are looking for foil shavers, the best options that you have include:

Remington F4800 Dual Foil Shaver (photo 1)

Remington F7800 Dual Foil Shaver

Panasonic ES3833 Battery Compact Travel Shaver Razor

Remington F3800 Dual Foil Shaver

Remington F5800 Triple Foil Shaver


If you are looking at rotary shavers, there are many more options that you have. If you want to buy from the bestselling products (and so you should), the options to look at include:

Braun Series 7 790cc-3 (photo 2)

Philips PowerTouch PT860

Philips PowerTouch corded shaver

Panasonic ES LA63 S Men's Shaver

BRAUN Rechargeable shaver with Clean&Renew system


Some men prefer hair clippers and so may you. If such is the case with you then the bestselling hair clippers are:

Wahl 'Peanut' Hair Clipper (photo 3)

Philips Hc5440/80 Rechargeable Hair Clipper

Generic Daditong Convenient 6 in 1 Men's Male Rechargeable Shaver Beard Nasal Temples Hair Trimmer Clipper

Oster Classic 76 and Wahl Bravura Li-ion Hair Clipper

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  • BAILI Vintage Double-Edge Safety Razor
  • BAILI Vintage Double-Edge Safety Razor
  • BAILI Vintage Double-Edge Safety Razor
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  • Iwasaki Japanese Kamisori Straight Razor
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  • DOVO Shavette Stainless Steel Handle
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  • Gold Dollar W62 Round Point Straight Razor 6/8", Faux Marble Scales
  • Gold Dollar W56 Straight Razor 6/8", Burmese Blackwood Handle
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  • Gold Dollar W58 Mini Straight Razor 5/8", Ebony Wood Handle

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