Servers and Desktop Computers

In our Servers and Desktop Computers section, we have the best options for those who want a good pc without needing to build it completely or those looking for server options. If you want the best pc, but don’t have the knowledge in hardware to choose every single component individually, you’ll find great alternatives. If you want a basic computer to use at work, there are all-in-one models that don’t have a tower and don’t need a lot of room, making it a good choice to ... View more use at the office. There also incredible gaming computers that come with great graphics cards like the Geforce GTX series, a lot of hard drive space and memory for you to run the latest computer games with ease. A another good thing is that they’re built by well-known brands like Samsung, Asus, Toshiba, HP, Samsung and many others, making sure everything will be compatible. If you’re looking for servers for your office, there are many options too. Tower servers are cheaper, but they can’t be stacked, so if you’re going to need a big number of servers and do not have a lot of room, your best choice would be a rack server since they can be stacked and will give you more flexibility. Just remember that these servers need keyboard, video and mouse to be managed, so if you’re not familiar with computer hardware, it’s advised to look for someone with experience in servers. For more information, read our buying guides and reviews! ... View less