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Top Rated Lego Sets


If you have a child you will know how great Lego sets are. With so many sets like LEGO® Star Wars™, LEGO® Disney, LEGO® Marvel and so much more on the market, we have made a list of the best selling Lego sets to make your next present buying easier.

Our Top Rated Lego Sets

  • LEGO® Jurassic World
  • LEGO® Marvel Avengers
  • LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man
  • LEGO® City Ocean
  • LEGO® Technic™
  • LEGO® Star Wars™
  • LEGO® City Ship

LEGO® Jurassic World Indominus Rex vs. Ankylosaurus

Lego Sets
Lego Jurassic
  • LEGO® Jurassic World Indominus Rex vs. Ankylosaurus features the gyrosphere deployment station that has an entrance turnstile and a trigger to launch a gyrosphere with a minifigure inside
  • There are 5 minifigures, including Owen Grady and Claire Dearing, for creative role play, and the trees in the buildable jungle scene can be knocked over with the Ankylosaurus’s swiping tail
  • Feature dinosaur figures, well-known characters, cool vehicles and more, for fans to recreate scenes from the animated series and movies, create their own unique adventures or just build and display the collectible models
  • Gyrosphere station measures over 4” (12 cm) high, 10” (27 cm) wide and 10” (27 cm) deep and this action-packed dinosaur adventure set combines brilliantly with other LEGO® Jurassic World sets for extra creative fun
  • Ages 8+

LEGO® Marvel Avengers Helicarrier

Lego Marvel Avengers
  • LEGO® Marvel Avengers Helicarrier (76153) building toy takes kids aboard the awesome Avengers Helicarrier as they join Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Thor, Black Widow, War Machine and Nick Fury to battle M.O.D.O.K. – the big-brained super villain
  • Helicarrier has rotors, sphere cannons and a cockpit for 3 minifigures
  • Buildable toy comes with Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Thor, Black Widow, War Machine, Nick Fury, M.O.D.O.K. and A.I.M. Agent minifigures
  • Measuring over 14” (37 cm) long, the Marvel Avengers Helicarrier gives kids superhero action on a big scale. It also looks amazing on displaying any youngster’s bedroom
  • Ages 9+

LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man Venomosaurus Ambush

Lego Spider Man
  • LEGO® Marvel Spider-Man Venomosaurus Ambush (76151) puts Marvel movie action into kids’ hands. This versatile playset inspires endless role play as young superheroes enact imaginative battles between Spider-Man and Venom
  • Collectible vehicles, mechs, buildings, minifigures, weapons and gadgets, these hot building toys help kids build key skills as they play
  • With the Venomosaurus building toy measuring over 7” (18 cm) high, this popular playset inspires endless epic adventures and makes an awesome display in any kid’s room
  • Ages 8+

LEGO® City Ocean Exploration Submarine

Lego City Ocean Exploration
  • Kids can play out exciting sea exploration adventures with this LEGO City Ocean Exploration Submarine (60264) playset, featuring an awesome toy submarine, underwater drone and a seabed-cave setting. And with 4 explorer minifigures, including Jessica Sharpe from the popular LEGO City Adventures TV series, a glowing anglerfish and hidden treasure, the scene is set for endless fun and adventure!
  • What’s in the box? A toy submarine, underwater drone and a coral-covered seabed setting, plus 4 minifigures, including LEGO® City TV’s Jessica Sharpe and 2 divers with cool accessories, and a glowing anglerfish figure
  • Kids can combine the vehicles and characters included in this set with other original LEGO® toy playsets for even more creative play or to make awesome display pieces
  • When built, the LEGO® Ocean Toy Exploration Submarine measures over 3″ (9 cm) high, 5″ (14 cm) long and 4″ (11 cm) wide, while the ROV sub measures in at over 2″ (6 cm) long and 1″ (4 cm) wide
  • No need for batteries – this exciting ocean exploration toy is powered by kids with big imaginations!
  • LEGO® City is proud to support the ground breaking work of National Geographic Explorers, who help build a better world for us all. LEGO City Ocean playsets introduce kids to the exciting world of underwater exploration
  • Ages 5+

LEGO® Technic™ Dom’s Dodge Charger

Lego Doms Charger
  • Inspire kids to recreate their favorite scenes from the Fast & Furious movies with this amazing LEGO Technic Dom’s Dodge Charger 42111, an awesome replica model of the classic muscle car
  • With 1,077 pieces, this cool building set provides a fun challenge for kids who love toy model cars; Inspired by the original 1970s Dodge Charger R/T, this faithful replica is packed with realistic details
  • Authentic features let kids recreate the thrill of driving the real car, with moving pistons, suspension, steering system and air blower; After playing, kids can show off the model in the famous wheelstand position
  • Measuring 15” (39 cm) long, 6” (16 cm) wide and 4” (11 cm) high, this model car is just the right size for role-playing high-speed adventures. Leave it in the wheelstand position for an eye-catching display piece
  • No batteries are required for this fun race-car toy. Great news for kids who love creative play!
  • Includes 1077 pieces
  • Ages 10+

LEGO® Star Wars™ AT-AT

Lego Starwars
  • LEGO® Star Wars™ AT-AT has different sections of the All Terrain Armored Transport vehicle open up for easy play, and it has spring-loaded shooters, plus a speeder bike inside
  • Includes 6 LEGO minifigures – Luke Skywalker, General Veers, 2 AT-AT Drivers and 2 Snowtroopers and has all the weapons including Luke’s Lightsaber and the Snowtroopers’ tripod gun, to inspire Star Wars role-play missions
  • 6 LEGO® Star Wars™ mini figures including Luke Skywalker, General Veers, 2 AT-AT Drivers and 2 Snowtroopers, all with weapons to role-play the Empire vs. Rebel Alliance battles
  • Has foldout panels, spring-loaded shooters, a speeder bike, winch, bottom hatch so Luke can throw in the thermal detonator element, and more for realistic, creative play
  • Measures over 13” (34 cm) high, 14.5” (38 cm) long and 5.5” (15 cm) wide
  • Ages 10+

LEGO® City Oceans Exploration Ship

Lego City Ship
  • LEGO® City Oceans Exploration Ship is a super-long ship that not only floats on water, it has everything kids need for endless ocean exploration
  • Shark cage, working crane, research submarine, helicopter and even a pirate shipwreck with hidden treasure
  • With 8 explorer minifigures, including LEGO City TV character Harl Hubbs, the scene is set for action-packed escapades
  • Includes simple building instructions and Instructions PLUS – part of the free LEGO Building Instructions app for smartphones and tablets
  • Interactive building guide, with amazing zoom and rotate viewing tools, quickly helps budding LEGO builders become master builders
  • Includes a floating toy exploration ship with working crane, shark cage, dinghy, submarine and helicopter, 8 minifigures, including the LEGO® City TV character Harl Hubbs, plus shark and stingray figures
  • When built, the toy exploration ship measures over 7″ (18 cm) high, 24″ (63 cm) long and 6″ (17 cm) wide, while the pirate shipwreck measures over 6″ (16 cm) high, 5″ (13 cm) long and 3″ (8 cm) wide
  • Ages 5+

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Inspire the builders of tomorrow with our best rated Lego sets. These will make perfect Christmas or Birthday gifts.

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