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Spruce Up Your Outdoors With The Right Patio Furniture

Are you looking to turn your outdoor area into a comfortable and stylish space? The right patio furniture is important when creating an inviting spot to relax, entertain, and enjoy the great outdoors. Whether you have a spacious backyard or a cosy balcony, to choose the right outdoor furniture, you need to think about several things. In this article, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when choosing outdoor furniture. This way, you’ll make the best decision for your outdoor space.

Patio furniture that suits your outdoor area

Before picking the furniture, think about your outdoor area. For example, the weather conditions influence the choice of materials used in making the furniture. Also, the available space will show you the type of furniture that best suits your needs.

Weather conditions and the right materials for patio furniture

Outdoor furniture is exposed to various weather conditions, from scorching sun to pouring rain, so choosing materials that can withstand the elements is very important. Common materials for patio furniture include:

  • Aluminium: lightweight and rust-resistant, aluminium patio furniture is a popular choice for outdoor settings. It’s easy to maintain and can withstand different weather conditions.
  • Wicker and rattan: patio furniture made from wicker or rattan (synthetic or natural fibres) creates a classic look while being resistant to sun and rain. Synthetic wicker or rattan is a more durable option and requires little maintenance.
  • Teak: known for its natural beauty and strength, teak patio furniture is resistant to rot, moisture, and pests. It ages beautifully, showing a silver-grey shade over time. Applying teak oil helps it keep its original colour.
  • Steel: Steel furniture is sturdy and withstands hard weather conditions. We recommend looking for steel furniture with a powder-coated finish, it’s rust-resistant.

Space size & type of furniture

The available space and the size of your outdoor area show the type of patio furniture to choose. Think about these three factors:

  1. Measurements: Take correct measurements of your space to make sure that the furniture fits without overcrowding the area. Measure the width, length, and height available for furniture placement. Remember to leave enough space to move around your outdoor furniture.
  2. Functionality: Think about how you want to use your outdoor space. Do you want a cosy lounge area to relax, a bistro set for romantic dinner dates, or a practical work area? The purpose of the outdoor space will help you select the right furniture pieces.
  3. Style: If you want to decorate your space with your favourite design style, pay attention to the materials used in the patio furniture.. For example, wicker patio furniture works great in a bohemian setting. Furniture made from teak can help you create a contemporary spot, or, with the right design, a cottage-inspired area. For a more industrial vibe, choose patio furniture made from metal.

How do you want to use your outdoor space?

After thinking about the weather, materials, and space limit, it’s time to decide on the design of your outdoor area. Here are some types of patio furniture that go with the way you want to enjoy your space:

Outdoor furniture for lounging

If you see your backyard as a lounging oasis, opt for comfortable seating options. Lounge chairs, recliners, and outdoor sofas with plush cushions make the perfect setting for relaxation. Look for weather-resistant materials that can withstand sun exposure and occasional rain showers.

Dining furniture for outdoors

When it comes to outdoor dining, choosing the right patio furniture is key to creating a comfortable and stylish setting. A big dining table in your garden will bring your family and guests together for a dinner party, for example. Look for durable materials such as aluminium, teak, or weather-resistant wicker that can withstand spills, frequent use, and changing weather conditions.

Pair your dining table with comfortable chairs featuring cushioned seats and backrests for a relaxed dining experience. We encourage you to add an umbrella for protection against the sun’s rays during daytime meals.

If you want a cosy dining experience in a smaller balcony, a bistro set is a great choice. Bistro sets feature a small table and two chairs, making them ideal for meals or morning coffee. Choose materials that are easy to clean and maintain. This way, your patio furniture will help you enjoy an Al Fresco dining experience in a beautiful setting.

A workspace outdoors

Your outdoor space can work as a work area, you’ll just need patio furniture that offers comfort and functionality. Look for outdoor desks or tables with ample workspace. You’ll also need chairs that support a good body posture while working. This way, you can transform your balcony or patio into the perfect space for working outside in the fresh air.

The essential patio furniture pieces for the perfect setting

To create a nice outdoor area, you’ll need different types of patio furniture depending on what you want to do there. For relaxing and chilling out, you’ll want comfy seats like outdoor sofas, chairs, or loungers. These will help you feel cosy and enjoy being outside.

If you plan to have meals or hang out with friends, you’ll need a sturdy table where everyone can sit. Match it with comfortable chairs or a bench. You can also add smaller tables like end tables, for drinks or snacks.

To make your outdoor setting more like the indoors, add accessories like string lights, cushions, or rugs. Don’t forget about versatile furniture like ottomans or pouffes that can be used as extra seats or footrests. By combining these different pieces, you can create a welcoming outdoor space for lounging, dining, or simply enjoying the outdoors.

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