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Keep Warm This Winter – Best Heaters Under $300


Yes, it is almost that time of year again, Winter is fast approaching and it is time to start thinking about keeping warm this winter.

So at Shopbot, we have started early this year doing research on the best room heaters, outdoor heaters, and even Infrared cat wall heaters. (read more to find out what this is)

Top Rated Heaters

  • Lasko Slim Tower Heater
  • Honeywell Energy Smart Surround
  • Westinghouse EnerG+
  • Ecohouzng Digital Oil-Filled Heater
  • Invroheat Infra-Red Wall Heater

Lasko Slim Tower Heater

Best Heaters
Lasko Slim Tower Heater

Lasko Slim Tower Heater features an innovative, slim design
Eco-friendly mode provides you with more control over the desired temperature in a room
Self-regulating element offers safe, automatic overheat protection

Honeywell Energy Smart Surround Select Heater

Honeywell Energy Smart Surround Select Heater

The Honeywell HZ-435C EnergySmart Ceramic Surround Heat Heater uses ceramic technology to provide comfortable, even heat for the whole room and personal warmth. It provides excellent safety features and 360°/180° heating options for the ability to control your comfort all at a reasonable price. By incorporating EnergySmart technology, energy is used wisely to self-regulate electricity flow based on temperature for precise, intelligent comfort and energy savings.

Westinghouse EnerG+ Freestand Infrared Electric Patio Heater 

Westinghouse EnerG

Westinghouse EnerG+ Infrared Electric Heater is pole mounted and portable allowing you to direct heat exactly where you need it
Provides the maximum 1500 watts of instantaneous radiant heat
IP44 certified weatherproof rating makes this safe for use outdoors, even in wet or rainy environments, so no need to put it away every day
Dual ambient LED lights and remote control for all of the heater functions
With tip-over and overheating protection, this heater is safe to use around children and pets
Carbon coil bulb is durable and can resist a fall
Adjustable height from 60″ to 72″ (152 to 182 cm)
Hardly affected by the wind, provides instant steady heat and completely quiet operation
Low operating cost, only pennies per hour
Bulb lasts an average of 5,000 hours providing you with many years of enjoyment.

Ecohouzng Digital Oil-Filled Heater

Ecohouzng Digital Oil Filled Heater

This radiant heater from Ecohouzng delivers lasting warmth to keep you comfortable all season long. It comes in a black colour. This radiant heater is fuelled with oil. Includes features such as a remote control, overheat protection and auto-shutoff. Heat every corner of your room with this oscillating heater. There are 3 heating modes and it produces 1500 watts of heat.

Invroheat Infra-Red Wall Heater – Cat Picture

Infra Red Wall Heater Cat Picture

Invroheat posters are based on clean, infrared nanotechnology and are extremely energy efficient. Infrared heat is invisible light with a large amount of energy. When the ‘light’ hits an object, the object heats up. The heat is immediately available. Preheating is not necessary. No energy is wasted heating the air.
99.6% of the electricity supplied is converted directly into heat. This will heat up the panel within 60 seconds and reach the maximum temperature within 2 minutes. For you, this means that when you walk into your cold room, you will experience comfortable infrared radiation within two minutes.

Different Types Of Heaters

Fan heaters

Fan heaters work by fanning heated air into a room, they are usually small and portable and are suited for heating smaller rooms over a shorter time period.

Radiant bar heaters

Radiant heaters radiate heat using infrared rays and are more suited to directly heating people within a small area around them.

The number of bars indicates how powerful the heater will be and they run silently.

Oil-filled heaters

Oil or column heaters produce radiant heat by heating up the oil inside the columns, also like radiant bard heaters the number of columns suggests the power of the unit.

The advantage of oil heaters is that they produce heat even after being turned off, so perfect for those cold nights.

Convector heaters

Convector heaters operate by drawing in cold air over a heating element before passing the air back into the room

These tend are effective to heat larger rooms over an extended period of time.

For more efficient heating, look out for convector heaters with a micathermic panel, which absorbs and releases warmth, offering the benefit of both convection and radiated heat.

Reverse cycle air conditioners

Reverse cycle air conditioners offer the option of colder air during the summer and heated air during the winter, and in addition to their dual-functions, can also be among the most energy-efficient heating option.

Top Reviewed Heaters

Wrap It Up

So make sure you keep warm this winter with our top list of trusted heaters designed for the cold Canadian climate. Stay warm and toastie.

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