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Best Dash Cams For Drivers In Canada

A dashcam is a video recorder mounted to your vehicle’s windscreen that faces the road. Ever been on a long drive and later wished you had a video recording of the picturesque or spectacular scenery you saw? With a dashcam fitted to your car, that’s no longer a wish; it’s a reality. And while it’s cool and trendy to have a dashcam, there are also a whole host of other reasons for adding one to your vehicle.

In the event of a road accident, or an incident such as road rage, you have video footage that can be presented to the police and your insurance company. This serves as visual evidence to support your claim or to dispute any false accusations made against you. A dashcam automatically switches on and off with your ignition, however, they can also be set, while the car is not in use, to be triggered by motion and impact.

They are easy to install, easy to use, and some models record vehicle speed as well as providing GPS tracking. Together with the video, these details are further proof of the conditions surrounding accidents or malicious damage, helping you to prove your case and thereby maintain a lower insurance premium.

If you’re an employer with company cars in use, a dashcam enables you to monitor and ensure your employees are driving safely and using the vehicle appropriately.

There’s a range of dashcams with different features available in Canada, so let’s take a look at the best dash cams on the market.

Garmin 010-02231-10 Dash Cam

Best Dash Cams
Garmin 010 02231 10

The compact, discreet GPS-enabled Garmin dash cam 46 provides a wide 140-degree field of view that clearly captures important details in high-quality 1080 HD video if an incident occurs. It also provides advanced driver alerts (certain conditions may impair the Waring function), including forward collision, lane departure, and a “go” alert to enhance driver awareness. Get alerts for red light camera and speed camera (not available in all areas) location alerts with unlimited updates via the Garmin Drive app. Say “OK, Garmin” to start/stop audio recording, take a still picture or start/stop the travel apse video capture feature.

BlackVue DR590X-2CH Dash Cam


The DR590X-2CH records Full HD 1080p videos of the front and back of your car at 30 frames per second, in a 139-degree wide view angle (rear 140 degrees). With the front camera’s Sony STARVIS imaging sensor, you get awesome image clarity day and night.

Nexar Beam GPS Dash Cam

Nexar Beam GPS
Nexar Beam GPS

The Beam is Nexar’s most compact dashboard camera, easily concealable behind the rearview mirror. The camera records crisp 135° wide video in 1080p Full HD quality.

The Nexar Beam dashboard camera works only when paired to the Nexar app. The dash cam seamlessly streams live footage to your phone every time you drive, so video evidence is always just a tap away if you need it. The Nexar app works in the background, so you can use other apps (like navigation) while driving. Nexar Beam is compatible with iPhones and top Android phones.

Kenwood DRV-N520 Drive Recorder Dash Cam


The dashboard DRV-N520 is very discreet and connected to your 2-Din system compatible with the 2017 & 2018 range. You can view and play the videos of your dashboard directly from your 2-Din screen. You are able to display driving footage, as well as the direction and position of the vehicle on the map when replaying video recordings. Records not only video but also map-linked data, by integrating highly accurate positional data from the navigation system in the drive recorder.

Rexing V1P Pro Dual 1080p Dash Cam


Both cameras capture 1080p (1920×1080) video at 30 frames per second. Each camera is also fitted with ultra-wide 170 angle lenses for a maximum range of visibility.

Internal GPS Logger allows you to mark time, date, location, and speed information to all your recordings without the need for a separate accessory.

Transfer your dash cam recordings to your smartphone or tablet over Wi-Fi using an app interface. This makes it easier than ever to share footage from your trips.

Kingslim D1 Dual Dash Cam

Kingslim D1
Kingslim D1

The Kingslim D1 Dual dash camera can simultaneously record videos with a resolution of 1080P and 720P from the front and rear respectively, clearly capturing license plates and road signs. Users have the option to switch the resolution to 720P & 720P to record longer footage and save room on the SD card.

A well-tuned G-Sensor and advanced algorithm help D1 record suspicious people around your vehicle as well as scrapes caused by lousy drivers parking next to you. The internal battery will monitor your car 24/7, even when the engine is off.

Best Dash Cams Footage

Wrap it up

From basic models to more high-end products, you will be surprised by the high-quality video and the array of features that are on offer. Dashcams are affordable and have become increasingly popular with drivers in many countries.

We hope you find our best dams cams list useful and we will continue to update our list as new models come into the market.

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