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  • Nintendo NES Classic Mini EU Console
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP
  • Sony PSP Slim & Lite
  • PSP PlayGear Pocket
  • Sony PSP Go
  • Nintendo Classic Mini Family Computer (Japan Import)
  • Nintendo Gamecube
  • PSP 3000 Core Pack system
  • Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier - PlayStation 2 Standard Edition
  • Super NES Mini Retro Video Game Console Entertainment System Built-in 500 Classic NES Games
  • Retro Video Game Console HDMI HD Video Game Entertainment System Classic Mini TV Game Console With Built in 600 Games 2pcs Controllers Dual Joystick
  • OSTENT 6 Feet Wired Controller Gamepad for Nintendo NES Mini Classic Edition Famicom Mini Console
  • Samsung Galaxy A50 Case, Lomogo Leather Wallet Case with Kickstand Card Holder Shockproof Flip Case Cover for Galaxy A50 - LOHHA030070 Green (LOHHA030070)
  • Samsung Galaxy A50 Case, Lomogo Leather Wallet Case with Kickstand Card Holder Shockproof Flip Case Cover for Galaxy A50 - LOHHA030068 Rose Gold (LOHHA030068)
  • DOORGA Wireless Controller for Nintendo NES Classic Mini Edition Console (2-Pack) (4003-2077)
  • Festnight Portable Game Console 8 Bit Retro Handheld Game Player Built-in 168 Classic Games - Silver (XJJFESTNIGHTT1584SCA)
  • Cleaning Kit - Game Boy
  • Retro-Bit Super RetroTRIO Console NES/SNES/Genesis 3-In-1 System, Red/Black
  • Hyperkin RetroN 2 Gaming Console - Black
  • Retrobit Retro Duo Silver/Black System Retrobit

Buying guide

Choosing your other console


Choose the size of the console

The most important consideration for buying one of the portable consoles is to consider the size. These consoles are meant to be played on when you are on the go. Hence, you should pay attention at choosing the perfect console for traveling. Size does matter here and you need to choose a console that can fit into your backpack or your pocket so that you can easily take it out without breaking your habits. Journeys can sometimes be very boring and there is no better way to enjoy the time playing games on your handheld console.


What are the games available on a console?

The game collection on these other consoles is another important point to consider when buying. You have to find out more about these consoles and their games so that you don’t end up boring yourself. The good news is that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have their handheld consoles and these consoles are equipped with some of the most addictive games that you will find. Plus, the other consoles manufactures by Nvidia, FEDBUS, Archos and others often benefit from fantastic choices of games mostly adapted to their playability. Choose any of these products and go through their game list to find out which types of games you could enjoy on them and then shop online to find the best prices!


Get your comfort feel on a console

Not all the portable gaming consoles are meant for everyone. These consoles come in different shapes and sizes and you are bound to prefer one of them over all the others. If you have time, go to a gaming store and try out some of these consoles. You will be surprised feeling the difference in look and feel. There will be that console that you fall in love with. Now to make sure that you are able to save money on that particular console, visit an online console site and make your purchase from there.


After sales service is important

Servicing is a critical point to consider when buying other consoles. Companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have service centres all across the country and if there is anything wrong with their product, you can easily get it serviced at their authorized service centres. The same cannot be said for some of the lesser known consoles. You may be tempted to buy a handheld console because it costs less, but think about the pain that you may need to suffer due to customer service issues. After sales service is an important criteria here because consoles being electronic devices, you are bound to arrive at a time when you would need a repair or replacement of parts.


Choose a console that plays music and movies

Most of these consoles allow you to do more than just play games. The top consoles allow you to listen to music and watch movies. And it is true that you often need something more than games when you are on the road for hours. A movie can keep you hooked to your console for a decent amount of time. You will never know how time passes by.


Which other consoles for which use?


If you are on the road frequently, then you should buy a clamshell designed portable console. This is for the reason of safety. When the console is not in use, the screen can be shut down and it will be protected. There is no need to tell you that backpacks can fall and contents from your pocket can spill and the console could break into pieces. The Nvidia Shield console has a clamshell design that you will love.


Some of the bestselling consoles have a common design where the screen is at the centre of the console and the controlling buttons are on both sides of the screen. This allows you to play the games using both your hands. Some of the interesting choices in this category include the Archos Gamepad 2 and the FEDBUS JXD F3000 game console.


For listening to music or watching movies, choose a console with top quality LED screen and clear audio output.


If you don’t want to buy a console, you also have a wide range of choices in video game players. These are those old video game players with the simplest of controls. If you are a Tetris freak, one of the classic Tetris handheld game players should make you fall in love with it. If you want to work on numbers, choose a Sudoku game player. Hours will pass solving the Sudoku puzzles and you will not even know.

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