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With more and more people becoming conscious about maintaining their health or reducing weight, treadmills have become a pivotal part of life. Treadmill is one of those effective cardio equipment that offers exercise for all body parts and because of its simple design, it can be kept in home or commercial property for enjoying a walk without going out in sultry sun, raging rain or biting cold conditions. Currently, a variety of treadmills are offered by different companies, which provide users an opportunity to stay healthy while getting their requirements fulfilled. Read this buying guide to know factors and types of treadmills that can be considered for a healthy investment. Read buying guide

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  • Reebok Rb 1000 Zx Elliptical Ramp Wheel (35370)

Buying guide

TreadmillChoosing between different types of treadmills

Treadmills are of various types. Depending upon one’s needs and requirements, a choice between different types of treadmills can be made. The most common and affordable kind of a treadmill is the manual treadmill that offers ease of usage, is cheaper than the electronic counterparts and still provides equal health benefits to the users. These treadmills feature an incline that can be automatically adjusted in accordance to one’s need and have round rods that are automatically activated through walking and deactivates as soon as one stops. These treadmills work great for kids and senior citizens as well.


The second type of treadmills is motorized treadmills, which are usually costlier than their manual counterparts but have several convenient features that are very useful to have for health conscious people. These kinds of treadmills have a motor and run on electricity; they can (depending on the model) take note of one’s performance and vital signs, provide information of number of calories burnt and time taken to burn it, can be adjusted on several inclines on manual basis, are easy to operate and smooth or comfortable to walk on. The third type is for those who don’t want their treadmills to take up a lot of space. Known as the foldable treadmills, these treadmills are great for homes that have lesser space or space crunch. They are like manual treadmills and mostly powered by the user. This is a compact choice for homes, apartments and other locations with space constraints.

Features to be considered while purchasing a treadmill

There are several factors that buyers can consider while investing on a treadmill. Some of them are primarily related to electronic treadmill, while other features re common in all three types.


Handrails are a must have for those who opt for manual treadmills. The ones with handrails offer of ease of usage to the user and therefore, treadmills that provide handrails can be used by those who feel that walking on a treadmill can be a little unstable. Runners can also choose handrails, but it must be noted that they should not get into the way of treadmill.

Motor Housing

Motor housing is another factor that must be considered for electronic treadmill. Motorized treadmills must preferably have their motors on the front so that the user doesn’t bump while using the product.

Electronic Programming

Only available in motorized or electronic treadmills, this is a feature can make running quite an interesting and hassle free activity. Electronic programming allows users to choose between different options such as intensity of their workout, inclination, speed and whether they need to run up or down the hill. Electronic programming with features such as heart rate monitors is also available. It must be noted that such feature is usually available in expensive treadmills. While some of them may feature a chest strap, others may have a calculator on the handrails that calculates one’s heart rate and informs the about the amount of fat that is being burnt by the individual. This overall monitoring offers ease of usage for the jogger. Heart rate monitor may also be supplied with several other minor detailing such as put a music player or water bottle space on the treadmill and immediate or emergency buttons. Therefore, check which features may be required and which aren’t required for treadmills.Treadmill 2

Miscellaneous factors

Some other factors that can be taken into account include monetary factor or the price. For instance, a manual treadmill is by far more affordable. Handrails with heart rate monitors are more affordable with treadmills featuring a chest strap for heart rate monitoring. Safety is one of the considerable factors. Therefore, a treadmill with its safety on-off or the emergency button is a better option for those considered about overall safety. For those who want a durable belt cover can opt for treadmills that feature durable belt cover for running. Tarp or blanket can be purchased a complementary addition to treadmill for ensuring that the product is safe and the belt is undamaged by dust and dirt.

Price, durability and product quality

In addition to all of this, it is important to be aware and well informed about each product and brand quality when making such a purchase. Treadmills are not the cheaper equipment around, so make sure to read our expert and user reviews to get information about each product’s quality, each brand’s customer service, and how these two factors relate to the unit’s price. Happy shopping, and happy running!

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