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  • Alwyn Home Green Tea Short Queen 6" Firm Memory Foam Mattress ANEW2297 (ANEW2297 39865849)
    $274.99 $350.99 22% off
  • Wayfair Sleep Wayfair Sleep 6" Gel Memory Foam Mattress WFSL1049 Size: Queen (WFSL1049 39832025)
  • Alwyn Home 12" Firm Memory Foam Mattress ANEW2533 Size: Queen (ANEW2533 41040205)
    $579.99 $763.99 24% off
  • Zinus 8" Plush Gel Memory Foam Mattress WF-GM-8 Size: Queen (WF-GM-8Q)
    $473.76 $714.76 34% off
  • Alwyn Home Tight-Top 10" Firm Innerspring Mattress ANEW1996 Size: Queen (ANEW1996 39311750)
  • Alwyn Home Euro-Top 11" Medium Plush Innerspring Mattress ANEW1997 Size: Queen (ANEW1997 39311754)
  • Alwyn Home Euro Pillow-Top 12" Medium Firm Innerspring Mattress ANEW2016 Size: Queen (ANEW2016 39311829)
    $1,839.15 $1,969.15 7% off
  • Alwyn Home 10" Medium Memory Foam Mattress ANEW1635 Size: Queen (ANEW1635 38298634)
    $1,098.39 $1,335.39 18% off
  • Alwyn Home 10" Medium Soft Innerspring Mattress ANEW1070 Size: Queen (ANEW1070 37376573)
    $346.98 $829.98 58% off
  • Alwyn Home Multi-Layered 9" Soft-Medium Gel Memory Foam Mattress ANEW1969 Size: Queen (ANEW1969 39140419)
    $352.78 $372.78 5% off
  • Alwyn Home Ultra Plush Memory Foam Mattress ANEW1818 Size: Queen (ANEW1818 38870547)
    $597.90 $891.90 33% off
  • Alwyn Home 14" Medium Gel Memory Foam Mattress ANEW2466 Size: Queen (ANEW2466 40623188)
  • Alwyn Home Euro-Top 9" Medium Plush Memory Foam Mattress ANEW2000 Size: Queen (ANEW2000 39311769)
  • Alwyn Home Euro-Top 13" Plush Innerspring Mattress ANEW2020 Size: Queen (ANEW2020 39311845)
    $2,066.77 $2,196.77 6% off
  • Alwyn Home Euro-Top 8" Medium Plush Memory Foam Mattress ANEW2001 Size: Queen (ANEW2001 39311774)
  • Alwyn Home Adaptive Euro13.5" Medium Memory Foam Mattress ANEW1756 Size: Queen (ANEW1756 38698876)
  • Designed to Sleep 12" Medium Gel Memory Foam Mattress P120 Size: Queen (P12050Q2P)
    $607.29 $833.29 27% off
  • Alwyn Home Silhouette 8" Firm Memory Foam Mattress ANEW1016 Size: Queen (ANEW1016 37376378)
    $361.54 $576.54 37% off
  • Alwyn Home 8" Medium Gel Memory Foam Mattress ANEW1105 Size: Queen (ANEW1105 37377553)
    $382.90 $431.90 11% off
  • Alwyn Home 12" Medium Memory Foam Mattress ANEW1025 Size: Queen (ANEW1025 37376397)
    $519.73 $784.73 34% off
  • Alcott Hill Baptist Platform Bed 8" Firm Innerspring Mattress ACOT3190 Size: Queen (ACOT3190 37605986)
    $894.68 $1,054.68 15% off

Buying guide

Mattresses can be the only thing that stands between you and a good night’s sleep. In fact, some studies say that a good mattress can give you an additional hour of sleeping time. And besides, you’ll be lying on it everyday for the next 5 to 10 years of your life, so you should really be picky when it comes to mattresses and find the one that offers the most comfort for you.


Before you make for the stores, you should already have a type of mattress in mind. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, and knowing them will save you from buying one that won’t serve your needs.

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Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are the most prevalent type. In fact, they make up for about 70-80% of the market and chances are, you’ll be choosing one of these because it’s the safest choice. It is distinguished by its use of coils as a means to support the user’s weight and has a padding that can either be focused on stability and firmness or comfort and softness.

If you decide to buy an innerspring mattress, look for the following:

Coil count


The more coils a mattress has, the more weight it can support. However, a mattress with 100 coils is not necessarily stronger than a mattress of the same size with just 85. In fact, the latter could be just as strong or even stronger than the former depending on its coil quality.

Coil quality


Coil quality is influenced by three factors: gauge, working turns and tempering. Gauge is simply the numerical value to describe the spring’s thickness. Working turns is the number times the coil is wound while tempering refers to the number of times the metal is heated and cooled. Coils that have a lower gauge number, higher working turns and double heat tempered tend to be stiffer, more stable and more durable over time.

Coil design


Hourglass coils are the most common coil design these days and has the ability to adapt to the shape of your body. Further advancement in this design has also made mattresses of this type less squeaky. Meanwhile, pocketed coils are so called because they are separately packed in pouches, making them independent from each other. The good thing about a mattress with pocketed coils is that they’re ideal for people with partners who are restless sleepers. However, because the weight is not shared by all of the coils, there is a risk that parts which are more often used will show earlier signs of deterioration. Continious coils are the exact opposite of pocketed coils, because instead of individual springs, it is made up of a long strand of spring giving it more strength, stability and durability.

4299-Mattresses > FoamMattressMemory Foam Mattress


Memory foam mattresses are so called because they sort of “remember” the contours of your body, giving a sinking sensation. It’s made from a viscoelastic material that reacts to your body heat which gives in to your weight and holds that impression for minutes. Because of this clay-like property, the memory foam mattress is ideal for lower temperatures and for people who don’t move around alot when sleeping. It’s also recommended for people with back aches.


Generally, the degree of “melting” sensation in memory mattresses is a matter of preference. Still, one should look at its density.



A memory foam mattress’ density can be anywhere between 2-6 lbs/cu.ft. The higher the density, the higher the quality is and the more expensive a memory foam gets. The higher-end ones have a density of 4 lbs/cu.ft and above.

Latex Mattress


Though they have been around for years, it is only now that latex mattresses are making a comeback. Natural latex is not only durable, they’re also eco-friendly, comfortable, hypoallergenic and has natural resistance to bacteria, fungi and dust mites. Though 100% natural latex foams are hard to come by, purely synthetic and hybrids prove to be great alternatives.

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Air Mattress


In terms of structure, the air mattress is quite similar to the innerspring. However, instead of having coils for support, this type uses air. The amount of air inside this mattress can also be altered to suit one’s preferences. And since air mattresses are quite portable, they are perfect for home owners who expect guests on a regular basis.

Waterbeds or water mattress


Waterbeds, as the name implies are mattresses filled with water. This type was quite popular in the 70’s but has eventually lost most of its following mainly because it gives the feeling of being sea-sick. In an effort to resuscitate its popularity, modern versions of the water mattress have come out, promising to offer all the benefits and none of the disadvantages of the older versions.

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