Final Sales Item - Macphun Creative Kit Software (Mac) (CKSD)

Final Sales Item - Macphun Creative Kit Software (Mac) (CKSD)

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Snapheal PRO 1.0 Software (Mac) Intensify Pro 1.0 Software (Mac) Photo-editing Software Use Snapheal Pro to quickly remove unwanted objects, heal skin blemishes and more Use Intensify Pro to fine-tune and bring incredible detail to your images MACPHUN SNAPHEAL PRO 1.0 Software (Mac): Photo-editing Software Object Removal Heal Skin Imperfections Fix your Images Ideal tool for anyone who wants an af ... View more ordable and uncomplicated way to quickly improve photos Snapheal is a standalone application Snapheal Pro can be used as both standalone and plug-in to Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and Lightroom as well as Apple Aperture Powerful object removal tool: Powered by proprietary CleanPics Technology, the app lets you easily remove unwanted objects, heal skin imperfections, and even restore old photos with one click ease Snapheal and Snapheal Pro feature multiple erasing modes and adjustable precision for perfect results, no matter the style of photo or size of object In addition to removing objects with our Erase tools, you also get a powerful Clone & Stamp brush, perfect for matching textures and patterns and copying parts of your image to other area Essential editing tools: Snapheal and Snapheal Pro are much more than powerful tools for removing unwanted objects; they also give you a robust assortment of image enhancement features You can easily crop, rotate and transform your images before adjusting exposure, tone, saturation, clarity, color temperature, sharpness and more. The end result? A perfectly finished image Selective enhancement: Use the Adjustment brush to retouch areas of the image and selectively adjust highlights, shadows, saturation, clarity, exposure and more Even reduce noise or make your image sharper The brush can be customized "on the fly" for diameter, softness and opacity This adds up to the most precise editing and pixel-perfect selective enhancements available Snapheal fits your workflow: With easy-to-use tools, a broad range of features, simple navigation and an instant preview of your edits, Snapheal is truly the fastest, easiest way to fix your images While Snapheal runs as a standalone application, you can use Snapheal Pro as both standalone software, and plug-in for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements and Apple Aperture Snapheal PRO: Uses more advanced spot healing technologies, works as plug-in and includes a number of other improvements CleanPics Technology: Powerful object removal algorithms that accustom to your type of images, offering more precise healing. Erasing modes: Dynamic, Local, Global - provide better quality Possibility to run Snapheal Pro as standalone application, as well as plug-in to Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements and Apple Aperture Improved algorithms for image editing and color control. Plus additional editing tool - Blur brush with selective masking. Enhanced handling of RAW files and support of .psd System & Software: Mac OS 10.7 and above iMac/MacBook Pro/ MacBook Air/Mac Pro/Mac Mini mid 2009 or later 4GB RAM and more for Snapheal 8 GB DDR3 RAM and more for Snapheal PRO Snapheal Pro can work as plug-in for Adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6 or CC; Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4, 5 or later; Apple Aperture 3.2 or later, Photoshop Elements 10 -12 (App Store version is not supported due to Apple Sandboxing) Image formats: RAW images 8-bit, 16-bit (All supported formats of Apple Digital Camera Raw) TIFF PNG JPEG Snapheal Pro also supports .PSD Language Support: English German French Spanish Italian Portuguese MACPHUN INTENSIFY PRO 1.0 Software (Mac): Photo-editing Software Pro Contrast Micro Sharpness Layers & Masking Presets Lets discerning photographers of all skill levels create powerful photographic images with unprecedented drama and detail Precise control of contrast, structure, detail and sharpening across different tonal ranges delivers high quality results every time Special algorithms to prevent image artifacts, image layer stacking with opacity control, dozens of professionally created presets, adjustment brushes, RAW image support, vignettes and the ability to run as a standalone or as a plug-in for popular host applications all make Intensify Pro an essential part of your photo editing toolbox Structure: Emphasize fine details in your images, especially in smooth or low contrast surfaces Selectively applying Structure across highlights, midtones and shadows lets you easily achieve a more natural and realistic final result You will easily get detailed and realistic images Details: Reveal amazing hidden details in your images, all without adding annoying artifacts or noise Add or remove details exactly where needed by adjusting the size of details and separately controlling Shadows and Highlights Pro Contrast: Achieve deeper, richer colors and detail in your images with Pro Contrast, giving you higher levels of contrast throughout the photo without loss of details Precisely adjust levels across highlights, midtones and Final Sales Item ... 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