Kent OG2, Hand-finished Hairbrush

Kent OG2, Hand-finished Hairbrush

Manufacturer: Kent

Price : $80.00

Category: Hair Brush

Kent's OG2 hand-Finished hairbrush for men is made of pure, dense, natural black bristle and mounted on fine, beautiful and exotic high-quality beech wood. Its rectangular shape, a classic and favorite design for more than one hundred fifty years, has been crafted with the utmost care. The Kent OG2 hairbrush has stiff bristles, which are specially designed for men with thick hair. It penetrates de ... View more ply through the hair to the scalp to offer the traditional styling and brushing care that thick hair requires. Kent is a quality manufacturer of hairbrushes for men. Operating since the 18th century, it is among the oldest companies in Great Britain. William Kent started the enterprise in 1777, and it has since been providing excellence for 235 years. Royal Warrants for nine monarchial reigns gave it the stamp of authority in its trade. Alan Cosby runs the company now, but it still retains its original commitment to excellent craftsmanship through use of the latest innovations and time-tested handcrafting methods. Made in England ... View less

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