Kent MS23, Hand-finished Hairbrush

Kent MS23, Hand-finished Hairbrush

Manufacturer: Kent

Price : $120.00

Category: Hair Brush

The Kent MS23 hand-finished hairbrush is a small hand-held rectangular hairbrush that is compact enough to fit easily into an overnight bag. Natural black bristles are embedded directly into the wooden base, which is made of beech wood. Satinwood is used on the back of the brush to create an attractive design. A gloss coating has been sprayed onto the wooden parts of the MS23 hairbrush to preserve ... View more and enhance the natural wood colors. Hand finishing ensures that every Kent MS23 hairbrush is finished to a consistent high standard. The bristles are trimmed by hand so that they are all different lengths: this variation ensures that some bristles reach through the hair to massage the scalp while others gently ease out tangles from the hair. The Kent MS23 is most suitable for medium and fine hair types. Kent Brushes has been manufacturing brushes for over 300 years. During that time, Kent brushes has received nine Royal Warrants and maintained a reputation for making quality products. The Kent range features over 250 brushes for shaving and hair care. Made in England ... View less

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