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You may think there is nothing to consider when you want to buy a projector screen. This is not true at all! You will be surprised to know that there are different options in projector screens and making the right choice means clearer pictures and vivid images. If there was nothing to choose in projector screens, we could have used a bed sheet for the job, couldn’t we? Instead, go through this guide and you will know what makes the best projector screen.


Choosing your Projector Screen


Types of projector screens for you to consider

How you will use your projector screen decides the kind of mount you should consider. There are mounts that are portable in nature and these are useful when you need to move the screen from one room to another. There are also fixed mounts that can be fixed on the wall or the ceiling. These mounts cannot be moved. If you have a specific room for projection, the second option is useful. There are two options in fixed mounts – manual and fixed frame. To add elegance to the room where you place the projector screen, choose an electric screen. The electric screen has another benefit – it can be opened and folded with a remote control. When folded, it closes into a recess that is usually in the ceiling.


Choose the material as per the viewing arrangement

As far as the material of the screen is concerned, you need to consider an element known as “gain”. If your audience is sitting in such a way that wide angle viewing is required, you need a material that reflects light uniformly – this is known as no gain screen. This screen allows people to see the same picture irrespective of their location. If the projection room is narrow and long, you need more gain because with more gain, the screen will intensely illuminate the area where the audience is sitting.



The colours of projector screens

Continuing with the material of the screen projector, you should also choose the colour according to the type of images you want to display. For digital photos, spreadsheets and computer images, white or matte white screens are recommended. For videos from TVs or DVD players, white and matte white will do and you can also opt for a grey coloured projector screen material.


Projector screen with the right aspect ratio

The aspect ratio of a projector screen is also an element to consider. There are different aspect ratios available in projector screens – 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 and you should choose as per what you intend to display. For PAL and NTSC videos, 4:3 is the perfect aspect ratio. For HDTV and 1280x800 computers, 16:9 is the perfect aspect ratio. 16:10 aspect ratio is required for cinema like display.


Consider the size of projector screens

If you are looking for home theatre screens, keep in mind that the width of the screen and the viewing distance should be in 1:1.5 ratio. This means that if your viewing distance is 12 feet, you should consider a screen that is 8 feet in width. However, this is not a scientific calculation and ultimately, the screen size should depend on your personal taste. Just keep in mind that if the screen is too large and you are close to it, you will not be able to grasp the entire display on the screen.


Acoustically transparent projector screens for home theatres

Some of the projector screens are acoustically transparent. This is a feature that is important when you want to create a home theatre atmosphere. The screen being acoustically transparent means sound can pass through it. So, you can place one or two (or more) surround speakers behind the screen and still experience completely clear sound.


Get the right accessories for projector screens

Even the best projector screens cannot perform as per expectations when you don’t have the right accessories. This means that you should get the right projector and add the other accessories like cables, remote control and mounting brackets (for wall mounting). Get all the accessories together and you can control your screen without getting up and get a cinema like experience at home.


Which projector screens for which use?

The motorized projector screens can be opened and folded as and when you want to. These usually work with remote control devices. Some of the top models in this category are 135 inch EluneVision High Definition Vivid Pro Cinema Grey Motorized Screen - 16:9, Elite Screens 125in motorized screen, EluneVision 106" Titan Tab Tensioned Motorized Projector Screen, 16:9, EliteScreens 125in 61inx109in Motorized Screen 16:9 and Grandview Integrated Cyber 100" Motorized Projection Screen.


You may also want to opt for manual screens as per your need. The cost of these screens is obviously lower than the motorized screens. Some of the models to consider are 120 inch EluneVision High Definition Cinema Grey Manual Pull-Down Screen, Da-Lite Model B 99" Manual Pull-Down Wall and Ceiling Projection Screen, Elite Screens Manual Series Manual Pull Down Projection Screen, AccuScreens 800008 119" Manual Projection Screen and Da-Lite Pico Screen Manual Projection Screen - 27" - 16:9 - Floor Mount, Free Standing.

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