Swiss Army by Swiss Army 100ml

Swiss Army by Swiss Army 100ml

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    • Swiss Army for Men by Swiss Army EDT Spray 3.4 oz (SWIMTS3)
    • Swiss Army for Men by Swiss Army EDT Spray 3.4 oz (SWIMTS3)

    • $33.98
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    • Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Edt 100Ml (P40102)
    • Victorinox Swiss Army Classic Edt 100Ml (P40102)

    • $34.97
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Swiss Army by Swiss Army 100ml Review

  • 5.0 / 5
    • The good:
      Fresh, Good for the summer, Doesn't wear off easily
    • The bad:
      Packaging became less attractive
    The Swiss Army by Swiss Army 100ml was introduced back in 1996. But going back to 1884, the founding of the Swiss army company will be witnessed. It was expanded in the year 1945. This Eau de Toilette features lavender, edelweiss, cedar wood, cypress, bergamot and mint. Creating an adventurous and captivating aroma that is still not lacking in pure masculinity. It is specially designed to be used when having outdoor activities such as playing basketball, table tennis, football or just having a picnic and all that. This brand still leaves you feeling fresh and inviting despite the haggardness the sun causes. Its ability to accompany you for a long time is just a proof that the Swiss Army is a very handy buddy. The woodsy, daytime scent is very generic and will surely be appreciated by employees and any other busy people exposed in the sun. Its lightness is wearable to the workplace and is far from causing a riot or a commotion. Nevertheless, it is also suitable as an evening perfume because of excellent results. Why so descriptive you say? Because the Swiss Army cologne makes a guy feel like he's game for anything and like he's the man. It gives the allure of confidence, sex appeal, energy and unmistakable competence. Now if you're the kind who does not care about what scent you have as long as you attract the opposite sex, this one's for you. But if ever you are the guy who doesn't care about what others would say because you like your smell, then this is also for you. Unlike many other men colognes, this one isn't overpowering neither too obnoxious. It is just the right blend. No wonder a lot of guys will make sparks fly wearing this. The Swiss Cologne doesn't have the usual age group system. Apparently it has a scent that rocks the ages. Whatever the age is, it doesn't matter. This men's cologne screams self-confidence so you don't have to worry as long as you're keeping it company. In conclusion, Swiss Army is not to be overlooked. The price is right as well, just so you know. The only negative thing is that the packaging's quality is not as good-looking as before.
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    • The Swiss Army by Swiss Army 100ml is manufactured by Swiss Army and was added in December 2014 in the Men's Cologne section
    • This product has a rating of 5.0 out of 5
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