Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DC OS HSM

Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DC OS HSM

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    Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM

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    Sigma Os 17-50Mm Ex Dc F2.8 Hsm Sigma (568Get068)

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Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM Review

I know in photography circles, having a better lens kit than your camera body always assures you of a pat on the back. At some point, image quality can depend on the quality of your lens kit. Most people would consider buying a more affordable camera body and go for a more expensive lens kit. However, there are some standard lenses that still get the job done. In this regard, the Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DC OS HSM lens kit is one that gets the job done well.


The Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DC OS HSM will offer a very fast f/2.8 aperture through its focal range. This means that you can comfortably shoot the shutter speeds higher even in lowly lit areas. For creative photographers, this s also something that can come in handy when you want to intentionally create a shallow depth of filed. Any creative photographers would easily enjoy this lens kit. However, it doesn't cost as cheap as your average lens kit. So is it worth the buy?

The Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DC OS HSM is on its own class when it comes to image quality and performance. This baby surely sets itself apart as a pro-grade quality lens kit. It's very easy to use and so beginners won't have a hard time with it. Moreover, the focus and zoom rings are perfectly reachable. The zooming experience is flawless and so the resistance is constant throughout the focal range. This means that your lens won't slip easily when holding it upside down.


Through lab tests, the focusing was also flawless. It yielded good results outdoors and even acceptable results in lower lit areas. However, you can have a few issues when focusing manually. It's also a bit hard to focus manually when handheld. However, when the camera is on the tripod, focusing is flawless. For macro photography, this is only one of the lenses strongest points although a minimum focus distance of about 28mm could work for some. It has a max magnification of 1:5 but you can go for the non stabilized version that would be very fit for macro photography.

All in all, the Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DC OS HSM lens kit should impress in terms of performance. It can produce the sharpest images at around f/5 and f/8 when working on 27mm. Moreover, f/11 would also produce some sharp images as well. Although the edge sharpness isn't the best, it's something that you would work with. The performance on 17mm is also incredible although at 50mm you would expect some few quality issues.

Overall, the Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DC OS HSM is a great lens kit to add in your lens collection. This can also be a good purchase for anyone looking for an upgrade for their standard lens. It has a fast AF, produces sharp images and has an optical stabilization mechanism. However, the build quality isn't the best and you might get into some few issues when zooming manually.


  • Pros:
    Excellent and smooth zooming. Sharp images.
  • Cons:
    Manual focus not very smooth. Plastic construction
Our score:
4 / 5

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Product Description

  • The Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 EX DC OS HSM is manufactured by Sigma and was added in December 2014 in the Camera Lenses section
  • This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5
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