Samsung Chromebook Pro XE510C24-K01US m3-6Y30

Samsung Chromebook Pro XE510C24-K01US m3-6Y30
Samsung Chromebook Pro XE510C24-K01US m3-6Y30

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Samsung Chromebook Pro XE510C24-K01US M3-6Y30 Review

The 3-Minute Samsung Chromebook Pr Review

A New Take on the Chromebook

By Melanie Hawthorne | November 7, 2017

Samsung Chromebook Pro Laptop Mode

The Specifics:

Features & Design: 4/5 ● Performance: 3.5/5 ● Value: 3.5/5

The Best:

The best thing about the Samsung Chromebook Pro is that it's one of the first Chromebooks to be integrated with the Google Play app store. As you’d expect, it runs all of these apps well; that makes it a very versatile machine. It also has a beautiful metal body, a high-res display, stylus support, and a 2-in-1 design that lets you easily use it as a tablet.

The Bugs

When compared to its competitors, the Samsung Chromebook Pro's battery life is fairly limited. For the price, you’d expect a little more juice in the battery. The keyboard is also pretty cramped and doesn't have any backlighting. That makes it a bit of a challenge to use. While not as major, the speakers are nothing to write home about either.

Is it for you?

If you want a sleek and portable 2-in-1 Chromebook, the Samsung Chromebook Pro is definitely worth a look. The app store integration (which gives you plenty of apps to choose from), tablet mode (where you can use the included stylus), and a sleek body that houses a pretty-looking screen makes this Chromebook a great pick up if you’re planning to use it more as a tablet than a laptop. As with all Chromebooks, you won’t be able to do much gaming but it’s otherwise it’s a solid laptop for listening to music and watching Youtube and Netflix on.

“Chromebooks have struggled to keep up in terms of content and functionality but Samsung has made a real breakthrough by including the full Play Store.”

Meet the Samsung Chromebook Pro

Samsung has aimed to broaden the appeal of Chromebooks. The line between Chromebooks and Android devices has become more and more blurred over the past few years. Samsung has smudged that line even further with this half-Chromebook-half-tablet hybrid. With full integration of the Google Play Store, stylus support, and an impressively good-looking design, the Samsung Chromebook Pro marks the new direction of Chromebooks.

Samsung Chromebook Pro Screen

What we like

The biggest selling point for the Samsung Chromebook Pro is its awesome tablet capabilities and integration with the Google Play store. It features a beautiful and responsive touchscreen and natural feeling stylus that lets you write on the screen like it's a piece of paper. Watching movies and browsing the web are all enjoyable on its bright screen. It’s a good option if you want something to work and play on.

The Play Store opens up possibilities that were previously not found in Chromebooks. Traditionally, Chromebooks have struggled to keep up in terms of content and functionality but Samsung has made a real breakthrough by including the full Play Store.

The Chromebook Pro is also stylish and well-designed. Samsung has put some thought into the metal frame that makes this Chromebook as light and portable as it is pretty. Its battery life is still an “ok” 9 hours. So, while it will require a bit more charging than other Chromebooks, you can still get a full day of use out of it.

What we don’t like

Unfortunately, the keyboard on this Chromebook isn’t good. The keys are so close together that it’s a bit awkward and uncomfortable to use. The lack of backlighting behind the keyboard is also disappointing. While the backlighting isn’t essential, it would have been a nice touch considering that this is a higher spec Chromebook.

Battery life is another area that the Chromebook Pro falls short in. Compared to similar Chromebooks, you simply won’t get as much screen time. It’s worth mentioning that you will be getting slightly better performance in exchange. Still, it’s a trade-off to be aware of.

Finally, as with most Chromebooks, there is the challenge of ports. If you want to connect any of your devices, you’ll probably need a range of adaptors since this Chromebook primarily has USB-C ports. While it’s not totally unexpected, it can make using it with your existing devices a bit clunky.

Samsung Chromebook Pro Table Mode

Should you buy it?

The Samsung Chromebook Pro has marked a change in the Chromebook market. With the Play Store, there are plenty of apps to choose from and the Chromebook is easy to use. You may need to carry a few adaptors around if you’re looking to connect it to anything and it does cost more than some of its competitors. However, if you’re looking to pick up a Chromebook to use as a tablet first and a laptop second, this one is worth the investment.

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About the Author / Melanie Hawthorne

Melanie is a web developer turned writer based in the UK. When she's not reviewing computers, she's probably out and about learning about the newest software advancements on the market...or reading a good book and thinking about it. She also runs her own tech blog.

  • Pros:
    Play Store integration; Excellent tablet mode; Stylus support; Beautiful design; Solid performance
  • Cons:
    Cramped keyboard; So-so battery life; Lacks ports; Below average speakers
Our score:
3.5 / 5

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