OtterBox iPhone 6 Defender Series Case

OtterBox iPhone 6 Defender Series Case

OtterBox iPhone 6 Defender Series Case Price

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    • Otterbox Defender Iphone 6 Case White (586Res789)
    • Otterbox Defender Iphone 6 Case White (586Res789)

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OtterBox iPhone 6 Defender Series Case Review

  • 4.0 / 5
    • The good:
      rugged design, access to all ports and buttons, comes in multiple colour-combinations
    • The bad:
      Difficult using with one hand due to bulkiness, integrated screen-protection less flashy than previous generations

    Otterbox Iphone 6 Defender Series Case Key Features

    • Full 360-degree protection
    • Supports TouchID sensor
    • Rugged design
    • Numerous colour-combinations
    • Offers access to all ports and buttons
    • Belt clip holster included that functions as tabletop stand
    • Rubber slipcover with good gripping ability


    OtterBox has proven to be a driving force within the mobile protection market. The Defender Series line made by the accessories’ manufacturer has led the charge in production of iPhone cases for the past several years. The current iPhone-generation models sport a fairly-larger screen making it necessary having protective cases made for phones. Their larger surface area means that the phone can easily get damaged if dropped by accident and Otterbox Iphone 6 Defender Series Case seeks to mitigate such possibilities.

    Is it Durable?

    Otterbox Iphone 6 Defender Series Case is not very different in design from previous-generation models in the Defender Series, apart from sporting a larger design. Two interior pieces snap together around the phone as well as the synthetic rubber slipcover-sliders to improve shock-absorption. The rubberized portion of this case exhibits slightly-rounded edges and is slimmer than that for Otterbox iphone 5s. This Otterbox 6 Defender series for iPhone also integrates a screen protector of non-adhesive nature into its front plastic interior component. The rear plastic piece provides circular cut-out showing off the Apple logo.

    Does it protect well my phone?

    Otterbox iphone 6 Defender Series Case affords the phone extensive protection in a fashionable way. The slipcover grips the iPhone 6 rather well, although its enlarged size offers some challenge when holding and utilizing the phone with a single hand. The sheer enormity of this case also makes it troublesome fitting into the pockets of trousers comfortably. However the case comes with a belt clip for overcoming this challenge.


    OtterBox iPhone 5 cases are battery-powered outfits that look stylish, sleek and rugged. They offer worry-free run-ins with bumps, drops and even scrapes. The Defender series case for Otterbox iphone 4 and Otterbox iPhone 4s is an essential protective device for the Smartphone, made using a clear membrane resistant to strong impacts. Otterbox iphone 5c of the Defender Series sports innovative also features including interior foam for cradling the phone and high-impact polycarbonate shell for deflecting shock and bumps.

    The Defender Series case for iPhone 6 has a listing price of about $49.95 and comes in various colour-combinations. Otterbox employs the same successful structural design of previous-generation Defender series cases to cater for the iPhone 6. Otterbox Iphone 6 Defender Series Case is of great value to consumers owing to a several important traits. It includes shock-proof functionality as well as full 360-degree protection against drops, scratches and bangs that shields the phone in excellent manner from accidental damage. Furthermore, its rugged form does not in any way interfere with the quality of calls made.

  • Product description
    • The OtterBox iPhone 6 Defender Series Case is manufactured by Otterbox and was added in December 2014 in the Mobile Phone Cases section
    • This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5
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