Otterbox iPhone 5/5s Defender Series Case

Otterbox iPhone 5/5s Defender Series Case

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    Otterbox Otterbox Defender Series Case For Iphone 5/5S - Black Black

Otterbox IPhone 5/5s Defender Series Case Review

Key features

The OtterBox iPhone 5/5S Defender Series case is a flagship product from OtterBox and is currently available for all the models of iPhone and iPad. It has a smooth look, but it has been designed to be sturdy enough to protect your iPhone 5/5S. The case has been manufactured keeping in mind those iOS device customers that lead rugged and outdoor lifestyles. There are various models of cases available from OtterBox and the Defender Series is considered to be the most robust of them all. It can adequately protect your device from drops, scratches and shocks. It keeps your device safe in almost all the possible conditions.


The OtterBox iPhone 5/5S Defender Series case is a multi-protection mobile phone case for iPhone 5 and 5S. While OtterBox has largely kept the design similar to some of its other cases, the enhancements in this case include a plastic snap, a belt holster and a rubber lining. It also has a padded back for protecting against drops and scratches. Once the case is snapped around your phone, it is not easy to remove it, thus keeping your phone protected all the time. The case has been designed to give you easy access to the buttons on your iPhone 5/5S. There are no unnecessary gaps in the case and it is rather nice to look at. The OtterBox iPhone 5/5S Defender Series case is available in different colours that you can pick and choose. There are options available in OtterBox defender series case for iphone 5/5s purple, blush pink, aqua blue and OtterBox defender series case for iphone 5/5s white. It does not matter what the colour of your iPhone 5/5S is, you can choose the colour of the case accordingly.

Is this case durable ?

The Defender Series case offers your device three layers of protection and this includes a layer of polycarbonate skeleton for extra cushioning. The case also has an inbuilt screen guard to protect against scratches and cracks. The screen guard is designed well enough so that it makes the screen completely visible. The product itself is highly durable and can endure months of punishment. It has been designed to keep your phone protected in extreme conditions.

Does it protect well my phone ?

The OtterBox iPhone 5/5S Defender Series case offers all-round protection for your iPhone. It wraps around your phone like skin and ensures that both the back portion and the screen are adequately secured against drops or any other damages. However, it does not protect against water damage. It offers protection against some drops of water but if your iPhone gets completely submerged in water, the protection is not there.

Conclusion: Should I buy it ?

If you are looking for an iPhone 5/5S case that fits your adventurous lifestyle, the OtterBox iPhone 5/5S Defender Series is a fine buy for you. Once you attach the case to your iPhone, you can forget about it completely while it does its job.

  • Pros:
    All around protection good to look at and affordable
  • Cons:
    Not water resistant
Our score:
4.5 / 5

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  • The Otterbox iPhone 5/5s Defender Series Case is manufactured by Otterbox and was added in June 2015 in the Mobile Phone Cases section
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