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    • OnePlus 5 A5000 5.5 inch Snapdragon 835 Dual 16MP (8GB+128GB) 4G LTE Dual Sim Smartphone (Midnight Black) (TST_Exclusive60_MITBLK)
    • OnePlus 5 A5000 5.5 inch Snapdragon 835 Dual 16MP (8GB+128GB) 4G LTE Dual Sim Smartphone (Midnight Black) (TST_Exclusive60_MITBLK)

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OnePlus 5 Review

  • 4.0 / 5
    • The good:
      High-quality metal design; Dual cameras; Excellent 1080p display; Great performance; Long battery Life; Improved OxygenOS system
    • The bad:
      No storage expansion options; No waterproofing; Design doesn’t break any new ground

    The 3-Minute OnePlus 5 Review

    Flagship performance without the flagship price

    By Zach Riley | July 21, 2017

    OnePlus 5 Front Angled

    Our Rating: 4/5

    The Specifics:

    Design: 3/5

    Performance: 4.5/5

    Features: 4/5

    Battery: 4.5/5

    Value: 5/5

    The Best:

    High-quality metal design

    Dual cameras

    Excellent 1080p display

    Great performance

    Long battery life

    Improved OxygenOS system

    The Bugs:

    No storage expansion options

    No waterproofing

    Design doesn’t break any new ground

    Is it for you?

    If you want great performance and are looking to spend a little less money, the OnePlus 5 should be perfect for you. For those who are already familiar with the OnePlus family, you will see some noticeable upgrades.

    “The OnePlus 5 gives you a quality Android experience with performance that rivals higher-end smartphones.”

    Meet the One Plus 5

    OnePlus has garnered attention in recent years for offering excellent smartphones at affordable prices. In a smartphone market that continues to be dominated by the likes of Apple and Samsung, OnePlus has captured the attention of smartphone enthusiasts and budget-conscious buyers alike.

    The OnePlus 5 brings many notable upgrades over previous models. With a razor-thin design, great 1080p display, longer battery life, and performance that rivals high-end flagships, it has received praise from both critics and consumers alike.

    OnePlus 5 Camera

    What we like

    There are a lot of things to like about the OnePlus 5. If you’re not tied to flagships from luxury brands like Apple or Samsung, the OnePlus 5 gives you a quality Android experience with performance that rivals higher-end smartphones for a far smaller price tag.

    The phone features an improved OxygenOS system, which is a modified Android operating system specific to OnePlus. The system gives you some useful features without adding too much extra software.

    A 1080p HD display brings gorgeous visuals to the phone and is easily comparable to the screens from more well-known brands. While the display isn’t 4k like many luxury smartphone screens, the vibrant colors and deep blacks make watching movie trailers on YouTube an experience.

    The battery life, while not groundbreaking, is great for a phone at this price point. The phone will consistently last an entire day without needing to be charged.

    What we don’t like

    Despite our praise, there are still issues that hold the OnePlus 5 back.

    We’ve mentioned a few times that the OnePlus 5 is great if you are budget-conscious, but that’s not entirely accurate. While the price is not as excessive as an iPhone or Galaxy, it’s definitely more of a mid-range phone than it is a cheap phone. While its specifications are amazing for the price, the OnePlus 5’s cost puts it in a strange position on the market - hovering in between luxury and budget price points.

    The design, while durable and attractive, doesn’t break any new ground. It basically looks like a generic Android smartphone or, even worse, an iPhone 7 clone. There’s nothing wrong with that, per se, but it may be a deal breaker for those focused on aesthetics.

    Not having expandable storage is a big issue, especially when Android phones are generally known for it. If you were hoping to add a microSD card to give yourself some extra space, this phone isn’t for you.

    While waterproofing is in no way an industry standard at this point, the fact that the OnePlus 5 is missing it is still unfortunate.

    OnePlus 5 Bottom

    Should you buy it?

    The OnePlus 5 was released relatively soon after the OnePlus 3T, so many users who are already part of the OnePlus ecosystem may be hesitant to go out and purchase the new model. The OnePlus 5 offers a decent amount of improvements over the previous model, but it’s not completely necessary to upgrade. If you’re on a budget and looking for a quality Android phone that offers great performance and value (and if you’re okay with the stock storage sizes), the OnePlus 5 is probably the phone that you’ve been looking for.

    Check out the product video:

    About the Author / Zach Riley

    Zach Riley is a tech author who's combined a love of gadgets with a love of writing.

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    • The OnePlus 5 is manufactured by OnePlus and was added in May 2017 in the Smartphones section
    • This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5
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