OnePlus 3T 64GB

OnePlus 3T 64GB
OnePlus 3T 64GB

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OnePlus 3T 64GB Review

The 3-Minute OnePlus 3T Review

Truly a flagship killer

By Zach Riley | August 25, 2017

OnePlus 3T Screen

Image Credit: CC image courtesy of Răzvan Băltărețu on Flickr.

The Specifics:

Features & Design: 4/5 ● Performance: 4.5/5 ● Value: 4.5/5

The Best:

A smooth operating system, beautiful display, and amazing performance combine to make the OnePlus 3T a great phone at an affordable price.

The Bugs:

The lack of expandable storage in the OnePlus 3T is pretty disappointing. The missing micro-SD slot, a lackluster audio setup, and a frequently inaccurate fingerprint scanner detract from what is otherwise a near perfect experience.

Is it for you?

The OnePlus 3T offers a high-end smartphone experience at an affordable price. As one of the most powerful phones available, it has the ability to surpass the expectations of even the most demanding users.

“The OnePlus 3T offers a high-end smartphone experience at a much more affordable price.”

Meet the OnePlus 3T

Just six months after the launch of the OnePlus 3, OnePlus threw out its usual yearly release schedule with the reveal of the OnePlus 3T. While maintaining the razor-thin design of its predecessor, this new phone features some serious performance upgrades.

The OnePlus 3T is one of the most technically impressive phones on the market. It accomplishes great things at a great price. With an excellent display, a high-capacity, quick charging battery, and speedy performance, it’s difficult to beat what this phone has to offer - especially in its price range.

OnePlus 3T Camera

Image Credit: CC image courtesy of Răzvan Băltărețu on Flickr.

What we like

There are plenty of things that the OnePlus 3T does right. A beautiful HD display gives you great a screen that's full of vibrant colours. The phone takes full advantage of its AMOLED screen by offering a viewing experience that is perfectly optimized for HD video and games. The phone also features a solid metal body, though it looks largely the same as its predecessor. The big difference between the OnePlus 3 and the 3T is the power. With a new, faster processor, the performance of the OnePlus 3T surpasses more expensive phones like the Google Pixel.

A large battery with “Dash Charge” technology ensures your phone’s battery should last all day and, if not, can be recharged quickly. The OnePlus 3T’s operating system is also an upgrade. It uses a new and improved operating system called OxygenOS. It has been praised for its responsive performance and lack of unnecessary bloatware. Factor in its reasonable price and you’ve got a recipe for one of the best value phones on the market.

What we don’t like

One of the biggest detractors of the OnePlus 3T is its lack of expandable storage. A big draw of Android phones is the usual inclusion of a micro-SD slot that can be used to inexpensively add more storage. The absence of this slot is disappointing, but not a deal-breaker.

The audio quality of the OnePlus 3T, while not awful, is largely unremarkable. With a single uni-directional speaker, it really falls short when compared to other luxury phones. The fingerprint scanner, while speedy, often has trouble accurately recognizing your fingerprints. A fast scanner isn’t very useful if it locks you out of your phone (or allows unauthorized access).

OnePlus 3T Back

Image Credit: CC image courtesy of Răzvan Băltărețu on Flickr.

Should you buy it?

The OnePlus 3T is an excellent choice for those who want one of the best smartphones on the market at an affordable price. The combination of amazing performance, sleek design, and a battery that will keep you connected all day long makes this a phone that has all the must-have features. The lack of a micro-SD slot is disappointing, but for users who don’t mind sacrificing a bit of extra storage for an otherwise perfect phone, it’s an easy decision.

Overall, we highly recommend the OnePlus 3T. At its price point, and even in general, this phone is one of the best devices out there.

Check out the product video:

About the Author / Zach Riley

Zach Riley is a tech author who's combined a love of gadgets with a love of writing.

  • Pros:
    Beautiful lightweight design; HD display; Great battery life; Fast charging; OxygenOS operating system; Excellent performance
  • Cons:
    No expandable storage; Questionable audio quality; Inaccurate fingerprint scanner
Our score:
4.5 / 5

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