Nokia Lumia 620

Nokia Lumia 620

Nokia Lumia 620 Review

  • 4.0 / 5
    • The good:
      Great display; Good camera; Good battery life
    • The bad:
      Constant freezes and slow response overall; Falls short on resources when compared to models by other brands

    The introduction of the Nokia Windows Phones into the already flooded market of smartphones came as a good gesture for many people who wanted variety and more competition to the already dominant Android models. The reception of the devices can be tied to the reputation that Nokia enjoys in the market and also the fact that, these smartphones came with new capabilities not seen on other brands. An outstanding device in the Lumia sequel is the Nokia Lumia 620. It is, in numerous ways, not your ordinary handheld cellphone.


    The external design of the Lumia 620 is not significantly different from that of the rest of the versions in the sequel. The usual 5 colors are available with the devices. These colors are green, yellow, red, white and black colors; which easily allows the phone to blend perfectly with your wardrobe effectively. You can certainly get a color that suits your taste should you consider buying this device. The display on this phone, however, is a masterpiece. With the front part designed to facilitate more room for the display, you can be sure to enjoy your image and video viewing as well as your gaming experience with the Nokia Lumia 620. With a 2.8 multi touch screen, the outer margin of the only 4 inch phone is kept at the minimal as the focus is awarded to the display. The screen comes with a pixel density of 246ppi which is great compared to what you might get with other brands in the market at the same price category.


    The Lumia 620 also comes with a 5 mega pixel rear camera designed to bring out the creative you to life. With easy to use camera application and exceptional zoom power, you can easily capture your moment and share them with your friends via the social networks with a pressed a button o even save them online. The processing power is one more reason why you should highly consider investing in this Nokia smartphone. To begin with, if you love carrying large files in your pocket and loading your phone with numerous and unlimited applications; then this is a great deal among handhelds for you. The cellphone comes with an internal storage memory of 8GB and an expandable storage capacity of up to 64 GB using a microSD memory card. With the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, the processing power of this device would be expected to rank among the best of the category. However, hiccups and small freezes are a constant nuisance.


    A smartphone is not complete without connectivity capabilities. Potential users will enjoy faster downloads on this Nokia Windows Phone model with the 3G/4G connectivity as well as an ultra-fast Wi-Fi technology. Nothing is more disappointing than a slow internet connection due to problems with the phone connectivity. With the Lumia 620, you hardly need to worry about that. The battery is exceptional and designed to help you enjoy using your phone without fear of it dying on you. With the capability to last up to 14hrs, this is an ideal model for those users who are always on the go. 

  • Product description
    • The Nokia Lumia 620 is manufactured by Nokia and was added in December 2014 in the Smartphones section
    • This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5