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Microsoft Windows 8.1

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    • Microsoft Windows 8.1 English 1 License (WN7-00578)
    • Microsoft Windows 8.1 English 1 License (WN7-00578)

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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Review

  • 4.0 / 5
    • The good:
      Adds multiple useful fixes and tweaks; Better searching; Ability of booting directly to desktop
    • The bad:
      Awkward split in-between touch-friendly tiles and desktop mode; Difficulty using OS without touch screen functionality; new Start button is fairly strange in response

    Windows 8.1 Update was released by Microsoft and may be viewed as both a step forward and backward in some way. Keyboard and Mouse users at last can find something about which to rejoice. There are no actual new features on this operating system, however.


    The Windows 8.1 software brings along a collection of multiple features which require no new knowledge. All of them are derived from old and familiar ways of interacting with Personal Computers. You get around 200 performance tweaks with the Windows update to benefit all individuals using both non-touch and touch PCs. Users of Windows machines are set to benefit greatly from the unveiling of this new software.  The OS detects if it is running on touch-capable device, failure to which by default it boots to desktop view that appears nearly identical to the Windows 7 familiar interface. Updated OS as well adjusts in multiple other ways to fulfill needs of mouse and keyboard users.


    Windows 8.1 Update adds explicit magnifying-glass button in order to clear up the search capability. This aspect then opens its powerful search tool that can find files and apps, as well as Web content and songs which are playable. Before this update, power button was relatively a hidden feature. Adding clear on-screen power button in the new update is an important step in saving users from getting frustrated. The update adds store button to taskbar, furthering the combining of these two app types.  This element could confuse desktop users however, who might take the Taskbar button to be for opening a desktop app. Another change compensates for this development in that Taskbar now pops up anytime you drag mouse to screen-bottom in modern apps, which includes Start screen itself.


    Users should enjoy using this task-switching option, though the extra buttons could make for cluttered interface and at times bump into interface controls of the app. All Apps button slides politely away after pausing takes place. Small tray icons show up at the right, together with system information like network connection, time and date as well as battery charge. Take note as well that modern apps adopt a “thumbnail toolbar” option of mini view, which only desktop apps had. This is quite useful in pausing as well as playing media-player apps, for instance.


    The title bar appears once you start modern app together with whenever you move mouse cursor to the screen-top. It allows you close or minimize this app the way users of Windows have become accustomed, by clicking x at the top right. Microsoft makes it easier to move mouse around and it feels that that the 8.1 update of Windows is quite familiar. OS features like running app list or Charms menu are called up by different actions. Moving mouse quickly to corner of window while targeting hitting its X button to the top-right or to the top-left back browser-button, it will not be possible seeing these OS features, unless you first pause the mouse.

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    • The Microsoft Windows 8.1 is manufactured by Microsoft and was added in December 2014 in the Operating Systems section
    • This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5
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