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Dyson V6 Slim
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Dyson V6 Slim Review

Dyson is the maker of some of the best vacuum cleaners in the market. They combine innovation with performance to give the perfect vacuum cleaners for a variety of surfaces. The latest Dyson vacuum is the Dyson V6, which is basically a rebrand of the Dyson Animal (DC59). It has lost a few features but its more affordable price has considerably increased its value. As you would expect, the number of attachments has reduced compared to the Dyson Animal. Following the price cut, available to you is a combi tool and a docking station which is needed to hang your vacuum cleaner on the wall whilst it charges. Dyson has a line of vacuum cleaners, so those of you who desire more attachments can try other Dyson vacuums in the line. This cyclonic vacuum is ultra-lightweight. Even when you add your attachments of choice, it is still very light and portable. For instance, the in-hand component (which consists of the motor, dustbin and cyclones) weighs a meager 4.6 pounds. The appliance is very maneuverable during use. This is not only due to the light-weight but because of the pivoting ball on the cleaners head. Other Dyson vacuum cleaners have adopted the pivoting ball technology and it has amazing results. Its ease to assemble and use is another positive point. The attachments easily lock into place and switching between them is a matter of just pressing a button. It is cordless which reduces the chances of a person tripping on it. The nozzle has a width and height of respectively 10 inches and 3 inches. The design of this vacuum cleaner makes it able to clean further under furniture and above all a favorite ahead of other models. Its light weight and compact design also means that it cannot clean as wide a path as some other standard upright cleaners in the market. Its design gives it strong ergonomics. It is designed such that you hold the bin and other associated parts in your hand as opposed to them being in the body of the vacuum. The bin size is satisfactory considering the size of the whole gadget. It comes with a simple release mechanism which only requires a button press. The attention to detail when it comes to Dyson vacuums is impressive; a part of what makes Dyson the producers of some of the best vacuum cleaners. Since the vacuum is cordless, preserving the charge during vacuuming is of importance. In order to address this, Dyson use a trigger which is used to easily switch the machine on only when you are using it. This means that it can be switched off when doing things like moving the furniture. This not only preserves the battery but also helps reduce energy waste. The trigger is very responsive and does not require any considerable force to depress. The battery life is modest and will fit the needs of many people. Dyson incorporated a blue light to flash when the battery is low but its placement (at the base of the V6) makes it hard to notice hence the machine may die on you. This Dyson vacuum comes with a 2-year parts and labor warranty. However, the manufacturers insist that proper maintenance of the unit is necessary. This usually involves regular emptying of the bin as well as rinsing the filter every now and then, which is about the normal care given to cyclonic upright vacuums.
  • Pros:
    Has a sleek light weight design relatively cheap compared to the Dyson Animal it is cordless modest battery life can clean further under furniture compared to other vacuums of its kind has a power saving design lieu the form of the on/off trigger
  • Cons:
    Reduced number of attachments compared to the Dyson Animal performs poorly when it comes to pet hair and large particles
Our score:
4 / 5

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Product Description

  • The Dyson V6 Slim is manufactured by Dyson and was added in September 2015 in the Vacuum cleaners section
  • This product has a rating of 4.0 out of 5
  • The best price of the Dyson V6 Slim in Canada is $369.99 at Dyson
  • In Canada this product is available in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa-Gatineau
  • You can find this product at Amazon Canada, Dyson

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