Apple iPad mini 4 128GB WiFi + Cellular

Apple iPad mini 4 128GB WiFi + Cellular
Apple iPad mini 4 128GB WiFi + Cellular
Apple iPad mini 4 128GB WiFi + Cellular
Apple iPad mini 4 128GB WiFi + Cellular
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Apple IPad Mini 4 128GB WiFi + Cellular Review

Apple’s iPad mini 4 was launched a year after the mini 3 that many would have described as a disappointment.  The iPad Air 2 before the mini 3 had set really good standards of what performance speeds tablets ought to have, and so when people heard that Apple was upgrading the Air 2 their expectations went up. Unfortunately, the upgrade Apple was talking about was not so much of an upgrade as it was addition of one extra feature: the Touch ID. So iPad mini 3 was released in the market looking and costing much like its predecessor except for the Touch ID, and that is how the mini 3 was dubbed a dud.


With the new iPad mini 4 however, Apple has delivered much more than what most people expected. The 2015’s iPad has great improvements in pretty much all aspects; it is almost as though Apple was making up for having disappointed their market. The iPad mini 4 is much slimmer than the mini 3 and has the same incredible performance capabilities of the Air 2. The screen is slightly bigger also and so if you were hoping to use the cover you were using on the mini 3 with this new iPad, don’t even bother. It will not fit. Unfortunately, this time around, Apple is not selling the Smart Case that was an all comprehensive protection casing suite for your iPad. You will have to go buy the individual casings separately. It has an 8MP primary camera and a 1.2MP front facing camera.


The overall design of the mini 4 is similar to that of the mini 3. It has the same beautifully solid body; constructed with just metal and glass and that feels great in the hand and is available in the same shades as the iPad mini 3. The edges of the frame are rounded and the speakers are placed under the grill found at the bottom end of the iPad. Unfortunately, the stereo speakers are just two, unlike those in the iPad Pro, but the sound is still of good quality.  Internal storage is still the same with a 16 GB model and the 64 GB model which far better and costs just a few bucks more. The screen, on the other hand, is nothing like the displays found on any of Apple’s small tablets. It has incredible color contrasts and balance and excellent clarity. What is more, the screen has now been laminated completely with the small gap that has always been there between the cover glass and the inside Retina LCD completely eliminated. It also has a coating that is anti-reflective making outdoor use convenient and easy. In the end this translates to a screen that is perfect for watching movies, reading texts, gaming and the viewing images as well as browsing.


The mini 4 is driven by a 64 bit 1.5 GHz Typhoon processor which does not quite match that of Air 2, but is no doubt better than the mini 3’s. The A8 processor, according to Apple, has around 30 percent processing speed gains which is pretty neat. This iPad’s graphic performance is up by around 60 percent, and as a result, the gaming experience is exceptional and there aren’t any noticeable lags. The RAM is 2 GB.

  • Pros:
    fast processor beautiful display
  • Cons:
    same old design
Our score:
4.5 / 5

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Product Description

  • The Apple iPad mini 4 128GB WiFi + Cellular is manufactured by Apple and was added in September 2015 in the Tablets section
  • This product has a rating of 4.3 out of 5
  • The best price of the Apple iPad mini 4 128GB WiFi + Cellular in Canada is $719.00 at Apple Canada Store
  • In Canada this product is available in Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa-Gatineau
  • You can find this product at Amazon Canada, Apple Canada Store

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