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Acuvue Review

There’s no doubting that contact lenses bring a whole new world of convenience to people that need eyesight correction. Gone are the days when having glasses was considered a sign of smartness.


Nowadays, ask anybody who has an eye problem and you will realize that contact lenses are gradually gaining popularity with time. Despite all the convenience and comfort that you will get from the lenses, you are still at risk of developing some problems if you don’t choose the right lens for you. This is the reason why you need to be careful when choosing contact lenses. Let’s have a look at what you will get from Acuvue contact lenses. One thing that makes Acuvue lenses very popular is the amount of research and study that has gone into the design of the lenses.


Several technologies have been incorporated into the design to ensure that you get the best experience when you are using the lens. The first one that they call the Hydraclear 1 gives a high volume of wetting agent without making a compromise on the oxygen delivery. This ensures that any issue of dry eyes before the end of the day will be completely unheard of. Another great feature that comes with Acuvue lenses is the UV protection that goes a long way in ensuring that your eyes are kept at their best regardless of the surrounding. The next technology that’s applied in Acuvue lenses is the Lacreon technology that’s concerned with providing comfort.


The lenses are made from Etafilicon A which ensures that wearers do not have to face itches or irritation. Finally, there is the Hydraclear technology that ensures that the wearer has no chance of facing eye dryness. Basically, part of the lens is comprised of the wetting agent; hence it’s easy to get moisture throughout the day. The best part about Acuvue lenses is the fact that they have no allergens and they have been designed in a manner that ensures that they are kept 100% free of allergens and protein buildup.


Over 80% of oxygen is delivered to the eye hence you will still get the natural feeling even with the lenses on. If you are looking for lenses that will give comfort and a natural feel while protecting your eyes from the harmful UV radiation, then Acuvue is the way to go. However, most of the lenses are disposable hence you need to be prepared to constantly change them.

  • Pros:
    protects you from UV radiation over 80% oxygen delivery
  • Cons:
    they are disposable hence need to be changed frequently
Our score:
4 / 5

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