Portable Players

Welcome to our portable players section! If you’re looking for new player to listen to your favorite songs anywhere or a way to share the experience with your friends, this is the right place. The most famous MP3 device is the Apple iPod. The iPod Touch has many functions, just like the iPhone, it can be connected via Wi-Fi to the internet, take pictures and has a good storage capacity of up to 64 GB. The classic version works just like the first models, it’s not touchscreen and you’ ... View more ll need to use the wheel to choose the songs. The differential is capacity of 160 GB. The Nano and the Shuffler versions are simpler and smaller options, those are great for people who need a small device to use while working out. There are alternatives like the Samsung Galaxy S and the Sony NWZ, they too have different functions, so be sure to check them out. Most of these devices will also play movies, but if you don’t want to digitalize your library, there are portable CD players, as well as DVD players. Portable stereos can also be used to play old formats too. Those who like to listen to their music loud will be amazed with the portable speakers, they’re great for parties and you won’t need to connect your player to a computer to enjoy your favorite songs. Some of these docks are compatible with iPods only, so always pay attention before buying. Last, but not least we have different options of voice recorders. If you’re a journalist and need to record lots of things, now you have the benefit of not needing tapes. Most recorders have at least 2 GB of capacity, making it easier for you to organize your files and keep track of everything. Don’t forget to take a look at our reviews and buying guides to make sure you’re getting the best product. ... View less