Portable Devices

Welcome to our portable devices section! If you’re someone who needs to be connected all the time, these are the products for you. Laptops are very useful for those who need to have access to their work at all times, but with so many good brands like Acer, Semp Toshiba and Lenovo, it’s hard to know which laptop is the best for you. In case you’re mainly using office software, a high-end device might not be necessary, you’ll be able to do just fine with a ... View more basic one. Those seeking for the best laptop must take a look at the ultrabooks, they have incredibly fast startup times and are pretty thin, so if you have to carry your device around, they’re a great option. Video editors will also see a variety of apple products that work great when it comes to editing videos and images. If you just want to watch movies, keep up with the social media and take pictures, a tablet would be a much better choice! The Samsung Galaxy tab is indicated for those who love to download new apps. With the Android operating system, you’ll be able to quickly do things like calling a taxi, reading your e-mails, sharing pictures and many others, and if you’re not a Samsung fan, we’re sure you’ll find the right android tablet among all the options we have, like the Acer Iconia, this model can be attached to a keyboard if you prefer to type using a keyboard. There are also Personal Digital Assistants, they’re still used to read barcodes, and some of them have modern functions like GPS and the ability to read office documents. If you’re still undecided, you can always read our buying guides and review to help you making the best choice! ... View less