Pool Pump and Filtration

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  • Hayward SP1085 Inground Skimmer Complete
  • Sand Pro 75D Filter 0.75 HP
  • WFL Carvin Skimmer Kit Inground
  • Hayward 23 inch Sand Filter
  • Carvin 19 inch Laser Series Sand Filter
  • Orange Teflon Tape 1/2"X1296 CSA
  • Pleatco For Pdc Spas - PRB7B - Single Filter
  • Pleatco For Icon - PIC10 - Single Filter
  • Pleatco For Nemco - DSF25-50TC - Single Filter
  • Pleatco For Freeflow Spas - PFF25W-P4 - Single Filter
  • Pleatco For Master Spas - PMA40-2003-R - Single Filter
  • Pleatco For Aquatemp - POX135 - Single Filter
  • Pleatco For Nemco - PTL50P4-4 - Single Filter
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  • Pleatco For Sundance - PSD65 - Single Filter
  • Above Ground 12 inch Rubber Skimmer Gasket (Pack of 2)
  • Pleatco For Pentair - PRB75 - Case of 5
  • Hayward Cork Return Fitting Gasket

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The Pool Pump and Filtration is a process done to eliminate dirt and other unsanitary qualities of the used swimming pool water. It is also done to maintain the cleanliness of the water as the chlorinated water is filtered.

Functions of the Pool Pump and Filter


Basically, the swimming pool pump acts as the circulating device for the water through the help of the filtering system of the pool. Others say that bigger is better, but in most cases, such as the pool pump, using a minimal pump which is not that enormous can be a good thing. Those pool pumps that are too big for your swimming pool can actually cause intense problems such as a defective filter or cloudy water. Another big thing to consider is that those oversized pumps waste not only water but also money.


On the other hand, the swimming pool filters are the medium inside of the filter tanks which acts as the filtrating device in order to see to it that the water which is delivered in the pool is not contaminated or anything.

Different kinds of Pool Filters


There are different kinds of pool filters which fluctuate into three types the cartridge pool filters, sand pool filters, as well as the diatomaceous earth. These types have varying benefits and drawbacks that make them distinctively recognizable.

Cartridge Pool Filters


The Cartridge Pool Filters is one of the main staying pool filters in the market for swimming pool paraphernalia as it has the ability to hold numerous cartridges inside one filter tank. It has polyester fiber as an actual material and has the filters of the cartridge which are rated by square footage. As water pass through this filter, debris grasps on the surface of the element of the cartridge. If it is clean and has been previously sanitized, the cartridge can trap even particles which are larger.

Sand Pool Filters


This serve as quite the primitive way of filtering as it uses sand. It is known through the years as the most common method of filtering through sand. This sand has sharp edges that is responsible for separating the particles and thus allowing the filtration process to begin. Though it provides you with the sufficient filtration, other types give more of a sanitary quality to it.

D.E. Pool Filters


This type of filtration is pretty well known as it has been widely used by pool professionals. They say that it is the most supreme type as it can remove the smaller particles more intently compared to either the cartridge or sand. In similarity to a sand filter, the diatomaceous earth pool filter uses backwashing of the clogged D.E. whenever it becomes stuffy or dirty.

Four Factors To Consider When Choosing The Size Of The Pump


When choosing the pump for your pool, there are things to consider as it is not like a typical activity to clean a swimming pool. These particular four factors are the maximum flow rate, resistance, flow rate and turnover, and pool capacity.

Calculation of the Flow Rate and Turnover


The flow rate is typically the gallon’s number pump per minute. The turnover on the other hand is the smallest amount of time it consumes in order for the water to circulate all over the pool’s filter. In order to determine the turnover’s rate, this formula is used: Pool Volume in Gallons / Turnover Rate in Minutes = Flow Rate

Calculation of the Pool’s Capacity


For the reason of determining the volume of the pool precisely, factors such as measuring the shallow end depth, measuring the deep end depth, adding both together and dividing them by two. Now, to say it frankly, if you are not the mathematician type, then find someone who is.

Calculation of resistance


In determining the pool’s feet of head, all you need is a pressure meter and a formula such as this: First thing is by checking the water flows’ pressure directly into the filter tank and then multiplying the number by 2.31. Next, you need to get a vacuum reading straight from the suction line of the pump and then multiplying it again by 1.13. The last thing is to add the two numbers together which will give you the total dynamic head result. That’s about it. Happy shopping and swimming!

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