Polyurethane Beds

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  • House of Hampton Upholstered Panel Bed HOHN1723 Size: King (HOHN1723 25539630)
    $1,220.09 $1,436.09 15% off
  • House of Hampton Redhill Upholstered Panel Bed HOHN3260 (HOHN3260 26745126)
    $529.99 $839.99 37% off
  • House of Hampton Swanson Upholstered Platform Bed HOHN9264 (HOHN9264 33120852)
  • Mulhouse Furniture Calia Queen Upholstered Panel Bed R035A16A15 (R035A16A15)
    $1,469.99 $3,779.99 61% off
  • Red Barrel Studio Haines Upholstered Panel Bed RDBS6387 (RDBS6387 32413207)
    $1,139.99 $1,462.99 22% off
  • Darby Home Co Niagara Queen Upholstered Panel Bed DRBC8582 (DRBC8582 33612491)
    $522.99 $763.99 32% off
  • The Collection German Furniture Borys Twin Platform Bed with Storage KB05 (KB05)
  • The Collection German Furniture Borys Twin Platform Bed with Storage KB01 (KB01)
  • The Collection German Furniture Borys Twin Platform Bed with Storage KB04 (KB04)
    $1,489.99 $1,603.99 7% off
  • The Collection German Furniture Tomi Twin Platform Bed with Trundle KB08 (KB08)
  • Mulhouse Furniture Felisa Upholstered Panel Bed R73-01 (R731A71F-01)
    $482.99 $1,310.99 63% off
  • Darby Home Co Halsey Queen Upholstered Platform Bed DBYH2338 (DBYH2338 34618539)
  • Mulhouse Furniture Sanibel Queen Upholstered Panel Bed R034A42A41 / R032A44A43 (R033A46A45)
  • Mulhouse Furniture Isabel Queen Upholstered Panel Bed R73 Upholstery: Charcoal (R733A65)
    $709.99 $852.99 17% off
  • Lexington Zavala Spectrum Upholstered Platform Bed 01-0790-14 Size: King (01-0790-144C)
    $3,984.99 $4,401.99 9% off
  • Bungalow Rose Sandoval Twin Size Tufted Daybed BNRS4796 (BNRS4796 39052554)
  • Varick Gallery Edford Nail Button Notched Medallion Upholstered Panel Bed VKGL7528 (VKGL7528 34788059)
  • Varick Gallery Edford Slipcover Medallion Upholstered Panel Bed VKGL7530 Size: Full (VKGL7530 34788068)
  • Varick Gallery Marksbury Tufted Upholstered Panel Bed VKGL7667 Size: Twin (VKGL7667 34829988)
  • Varick Gallery Marksbury Tufted Wingback Upholstered Panel Bed VKGL7671 Size: King (VKGL7671 34830010)
  • Varick Gallery Marksbury Nail Button Notched Upholstered Panel Bed VKGL7661 (VKGL7661 34829960)

Buying guide

Back in the early days, beds were only meant to provide an elevated platform for people who want to sleep away from the damp ground and pesky insects. Today, modern day beds are created to provide more than just comfort; they have become the crowning glories of bedrooms and have even adapted to modern day living standards by occupying less space or providing more functions other for snoozing. Your main task as a potential buyer is to determine whether a bedframe suits your particular lifestyle.


With beds, size should always be the first concern. And this is not only in terms of how big and how many people are going to use it, one must also consider the size of the bedroom. People with spacious rooms may want to buy a sleigh bed or a canopy bed, while those who prefer practicality over style may opt to have a loft bed or even a Murphy. Some beds also offer storage for bed linens to save more space.

Wood vs. Metal

Most bed frames can either be made of wood or metal. Though both are quite durable, wooden bedframes usually offer more stability and less noise for a higher price. They also require more maintenance to protect against termites unless they’re already treated with chemicals. They are also often quite heavy which may be impractical for people who prefer to move things around the bedroom constantly.

Metal bedframes, on the other hand, are lightweight and is the more preferred material for foldable or convertible types of beds. If you’re aiming for a spartan or contemporary look for your bedroom, you may find metal frames more to your liking because they come in different colors.

Bed types

Sleigh Bed

Despite its name, you would sooner sleep on a sleigh bed rather than tread on ice with it. With its prominent slats on the head and foot ends, called headboards and footboards respectively, it’s structurally similar to the reindeer-drawn transport, but the similarities stop there.

Sleigh beds are the best choice for people who are not that concerned about saving space and who prefers a comfortable late night reading experience. But because of its dominating features, one concern is that it’s likely to become the centerpiece of the bedroom. So if you’re planning to buy one, make sure you base you room’s other furniture to its design.

Canopy Bed

Canopy beds or four poster beds are the most luxurious among the lot. It has a suspended cloth canopy and usually comes in queen or king sizes which is why it’s bound to take a lot space. They are the crowning glory of most high-end bedrooms and demand careful interior design planning. Potential buyers must also check for the stability of each corner post.

Divan Bed

Divan beds are best known for its versatility. It’s like a sleigh bed without a footer. Most divan bases have several built-in storage drawers which can save you a lot of space. And of all types of bed in this list, divans have the widest range of sizes. The “zip-and-link” type can even be split into two single beds making it a good choice for guestrooms. Castors also make this type of bed very easy to move around for people who want to rearrange their rooms often.

Bunk Bed

Also known as double decks, bunk beds are the most popular form of space saving for small households and dorms. They’re typically two beds on top of each other; a single bed on top and a twin bed below. Though, quite rare, twin beds on top are also available in some stores.

Loft Beds

Loftbeds are another efficient way to make use of vertical space. Like bunk beds, lofts have two platforms. However, only the upper half is used for sleeping, while the lower half can be used as a workstation. This setup can be quite useful for students or people who work at home.

Murphy Bed

Murphy beds or wall beds are the most stingy in terms of occupying space. They were quite popular during the 90’s but with cities getting even more cramped these days, it might actually make its way back to fame. It comes in two types: panel and closet. A panel type simply folds into the wall while the closet type can completely hide the bed from sight with its doors. This could be your choice if space is extremely limited.


Trundle Bed

Households who don’t have guestrooms may find trundle beds a practical backup solution for occasional visitors. This type is usually made of metal and can be folded into a size small enough to be stored in cabinets or underneath furniture. They don’t offer that much comfort or stability, but they will be a welcome option for your guests who need to sleep over for a night.

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