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  • Peak Performance Women's Golf Technical Gestreiftes Poloshirt
  • Icebreaker Women's Sphere Short Sleeve Polo
  • Peak Performance Women's Golf Blackwell Poloshirt
  • Purple Hanger Women's Long Sleeves Stud Turtle Neck Leotard Top White 4-6
  • Gildan Womens/Ladies Premium Cotton Sport Double Pique Polo Shirt (S) (Kiwi) (UTBC3195_16)
  • Gildan 82800L Premium Cotton Ladies Polo - Daisy - S (82800L)
  • Skinni Fit Ladies/Womens Stretch Polo Shirt (S) (Black) (UTRW1347_8)
  • Premier Womens/Ladies Contrast Coolchecker Polo Shirt (XL) (Black/Purple) (UTRW5519_65)
  • Chic Classic Collection Women's 3/4 Sleeve Collared Knit Shirt, Biking red, L (ZFCM1KR)
  • Sport-Tek® Ladies PosiCharge® RacerMesh™ Polo. LST640 Bright Pink XL (1025075)
  • Front Row Womens/Ladies Long Sleeve Plain Sports Rugby Polo Shirt (M) (Surf Blue/White) (UTRW479_6)
  • Sport-Tek® Ladies PosiCharge® RacerMesh™ Polo. LST640 Dawn Blue L (1025154)
  • Premier Womens/Ladies Contrast Coolchecker Polo Shirt (S) (Black/Red) (UTRW5519_16)
  • ililily Color Block Short Sleeve Lightweight Stretch Jersey Knit Polo Shirt Top , Sky Blue & Navy, US-L (tshirts-648-2-4-CA)
  • Premier Womens/Ladies Coolchecker Short Sleeve Pique Polo T-Shirt (XS) (Hot Pink) (UTRW4402_36)
  • Gildan DryBlend Ladies Sport Double Pique Polo Shirt (S) (Sport Grey (RS)) (UTBC3192_56)
  • Gildan 82800L - Permium Cotton Double Pique Polo T-Shirt (G828L)
  • WearAll Womens Turtle Neck Crop Long Sleeve Plain Polo Short Stretch Top - Turquoise - 4-6 (31249#39411)
  • SOLS Womens/Ladies Prescott Short Sleeve Jersey Polo Shirt (L (10-12 US)) (French Navy) (UTPC327_18)
  • OOB Premium - Women's Argyle Golf Jumper Design (M - ROY) FIT T-SHIRT
  • B&C Womens/Ladies Safran Long Sleeve Polo Shirt (14 US) (White) (UTRW3008_29)
  • adidas Golf Ladies ClimaLite(r) Pique Short-Sleeve Polo A131 (A131)
  • SOLS Womens/Ladies Pasadena Tipped Short Sleeve Pique Polo Shirt (M) (Lime/White) (UTPC2432_27)
  • Meaneor Women's Deep V Neck Solid Long Sleeve Casual Jersey Blouse Polos Shirt Navy Blue M (AMH005371_NB_M#)

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The Women Tops basically refer to the wide variety of clothing line, dresses, sleeveless, shirts and other top fabric that women use in a daily basis. This come in a lot of variety of colours, forms, as well as fashionably artistic preferences.

What accentuates the body

The key to looking good on what you wear is by knowing and being comfortable about the shape and size of your body. It is important to dress the body type you have accurately. Not a size bigger, or smaller, but then again, if you choose to wear something from both ends, then it is your choice. Nonetheless, it is so essential to be honest with yourself about the size you have. Besides, it may look utterly weird if the clothing you are wearing is extra bigger, or smaller, than the actual vital statistics you have.

Types of Women Tops

To be honest, if you try to break the different types of women tops, it will take more than just a day. That is because the classifications of camisoles, t-shirts, sweaters, tunics, blouses and other clothing are endless. Nonetheless, if we break it down categorically, it will become more precise and specific. Therefore, classifying them as the cuts, collar types, necklines, and the sleeve length are what to consider.

4071-Womens_Tops > Corset


Those tops that do not have collars belong to the group without necklines. They say that for those who want to have the overall appeal whenever on a date or on a stage performance, it is best to wear something with a neckline. From turtlenecks to high-collar necklines, most neckline types encourage a look that is nothing but sophisticated.


Finding the right neckline is somewhat a focal point that can make or break an outfit. Necklines are actually wonderful as it tends to accentuate the neck, hence, making someone’s boy shape and weight somewhat altered. The most common kind of necklines is the scoop necks and the V-necks and these two basically create the illusion that the dress has a longer silhouette. Wearing necklines can make a boring dress look rather stylish and fun. It also brings out the proportions of the shoulders.

Collar Types

Collar types on women’s tops are mostly seen on school’s as a uniform. It has various styles that give the impression that something is to be taken seriously and that something is not casual but quite formal. Most collar tops have button downs and are worn on most formal settings like a meeting, a job interview, or a business acquaintance. But through the passing of time, it has transcended and even fashion forwards integrate it to be a casual wear. Nowadays, you will find someone wearing a collar type top that is made from denim fabric or silhouette, etcetera. Collar types may not be so comfortable to wear for those who perspire a lot as it can get too stiff and itchy on the neck part.

Sleeve Length4071-Womens_Tops > longSleeve

The sleeve length can refer to the different lengths of the tops’ sleeve. The long sleeve is the one that has longer arm sleeves. It comes in different forms and fabrics. It can be knitted, leather, cottonsweater, and more. Basically, sleeves are used during rainy season or cold weathers. It may not be a full blow jacket or warmer, but it somewhat lessens the cold. The sleeve length can also be short sleeves or sleeveless. Some prefer wearing sleeveless most especially those who are living in places that has a hot weather. Sleeves can also have three-quarter lengths as mostly seen on t-shirts. Most often than not, this is the style that is worn by women of all ages as it is one of the most comfortable to wear and it is the basis of all styles. Others are just the innovated versions of those that have sleeves.


Now Cuts, in clothes, specifically women’s tops, refer to the intricate yet stylish openings on the sides of both shoulders of the tops. It exposes the shoulders equally and makes up for the overall flair of the outfit. The possibilities are limitless when it comes to cuts as it can be matched with long sleeves, or even short sleeves. If you try to look at how artistic the fashion designers are becoming right now, you will actually notice that the cuts are not only placed on both ends of the shoulders anymore. It can be anywhere already. Sophistication is the word.


When finding the perfect fit, it is okay to mix and match different kinds of tops and to pair them with various ensembles. The truth of the matter is that you can always wear what you want, but what is more important than wearing what you want is wearing the right clothing that makes you comfortable, confident, and charming. It is super essential to look perfect with the clothes on your back. Happy Shopping!

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